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Parking With Us

Is ParkDIA open 24 hours?
Yes, we are open 24/7, every day of the year.
How can I get directions to ParkDIA?
ParkDIA is conveniently located on East 68th Avenue, off the Jackson Gap Road exit on Pena Boulevard. Please visit the LOCATION page and consult the helpful map.
Do I need to make a reservation?
Reservations are not required, but recommended during peak travel periods and always appreciated. To book a reservation, visit the RATES & BOOKING page or call 303.288.7275 (PARK).
Are there ParkDIA facilities equipped with Electric Vehicle charging stations?
ParkDIA offers EV charging stations at no additional cost. However, the EV stations are located within the covered area so you must purchase covered parking in order to utilize the chargers.
How far is ParkDIA from the airport?
ParkDIA is about a 7-10 minute shuttle ride to the airport, which shuttles available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do you have a weekly, monthly, or long-term parking rate?
Please give us a call at 303.288.7275 to learn more about ParkDIA’s long-term parking rates.
Does ParkDIA allow “in / out” parking privileges within a day of parking?
There is no charge for the first 30 minutes once a vehicle has entered the facility. After the first 30 minutes, a fee of $3.00 per each additional 30 minutes is assessed, up to the daily rate. Thereafter, the daily rate is charged for each 24 hour period from time of entrance.
What types of specialty services are offered at ParkDIA?
ParkDIA has unparalleled services with continuous shuttle service every 5-7 minutes; courteous drivers who will help you with your luggage; complimentary water available; 12 convenient electric car charging stations; and, a handy mobile app to reserve parking, get directions track shuttles, reserve parking and pay, and more.
Does ParkDIA provide motorcycle parking and riding gear storage?
At this time, ParkDIA does not accommodate motorcycles or storage of riding gear.
Does ParkDIA offer covered parking?
Yes. We offer covered and uncovered parking options. Visit the RATES & BOOKING page for more information and pricing.
Are there any height or vehicle size restrictions?
Yes, there are height and size restrictions – especially with covered parking. If your vehicle is oversized or has a trailer, please call 303.288.7275 (PARK) ahead of your visit to ensure we can accommodate you.
Do you have a frequent parker program?
Yes, we offer a Passport Club where you earn valuable points toward FREE parking with every visit. Please visit the Passport Club page for more details.
Do you have a lost and found?
Yes, we do store misplaced items. Please contact a Manager to check our inventory of lost items.


What forms of payment does ParkDIA accept?
We accept all major credit cards. We not do accept cash or checks.
Are there any additional taxes or fees?
Yes – there is a 10% recovery fee.
Who should I contact if I believe there is an error in processing my parking charge?
Please contact the Manager. For refunds, please see the Refund Policy section within our Terms and Conditions.
What are ParkDIA’s rates?
Rates are starting at $12.00/day for uncovered parking, $18.00/day for covered parking. Note current ParkDIa members will be sent promotional rates on top of current rates. Please refer to the RATES & BOOKING page for the latest pricing information.
How are ParkDIA’s fees calculated?
ParkDIA’s fees are charged on a per day basis. To discover the current rates for parking and other services, please visit the RATES & BOOKING page or call us at 303.288.7275 (PARK).

Shuttle Service

Will I need to bring a car seat for my child?
No, car seats are not a requirement on shuttle buses. However, all buses are equipped with seatbelts and can accommodate car seats.
Do you have shuttles with wheelchair lifts?
Park ‘N Fly is committed to providing exceptional customer service to all of our guests and we comply with all Federal, State and local ADA guidelines by providing accessible service. To this end, all customers requiring accessible service between our facility and the airport have three options: (1) with 24 hours’ notice from you, Park ‘N Fly will arrange for accessible transportation, at our cost, with our outside contracted service; (2) if it is not possible to provide 24hours’ notice, Park ‘N Fly will obtain an accessible taxi /rideshare vehicle to take you, at our cost, from our facility to the airport within 1 hour of your request; or (3) Park ‘N Fly will provide a valet service where a member of Park ‘N Fly’s staff will drive you in your own vehicle to the airport, park your vehicle at the Park ‘N Fly facility, and then meet you at the airport with your vehicle upon your return. To learn more, please contact your local Park ‘N Fly location and ask to speak with the manager.
Where do I wait for the shuttle to pick me up when I return?
After receiving your luggage, head to Level 5. At the EAST terminal, please go out door 513 and proceed to Island 3. Upon Arrival on Island 3, we will be on the left hand side. At the WEST terminal, please go out door 504 and proceed to Island 3. Upon Arrival on Island 3, we will be on the left hand side. If traveling late at night, we recommend calling 303.288.7275 to notify shuttle dispatch as well.
How often do ParkDIA shuttles run?
ParkDIA shuttles depart our facilities every 10-15 minutes, and shuttle service is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If traveling late at night (between the hours of 12 midnight and 4:00 a.m.), we recommend calling 303.288.7275 to alert our shuttle dispatch of your plans.
Will the ParkDIA shuttle driver assist me with my luggage?
Yes, your driver will gladly assist you with loading luggage on and off the shuttle.
Will the Shuttle Park driver pick me up at my vehicle or in a designated pick up area?
Our courteous shuttle drivers will make pick-ups in designated areas. Look for the signs directing you to the nearest shuttle pick-up.
Do I pay for parking when I enter or when I leave?
If you booked a reservation in advance, your visit is pre-paid and automatically charged to the credit card used at the time of booking. If you pulled a drive-up ticket, you pay when you return from your trip using a credit card at the get when exiting. ParkDIA does not accept checks or cash.
How much time will I need to check-in at ParkDIA before heading to the airport?
Please allow an extra 15 minutes to be checked-in at ParkDIA. With current Denver International Airport construction, we recommend you arrive at ParkDIA at least 2-3 hours prior to your flight departure to get you to the terminal and for you to navigate through security.
Is there a restriction on the size or weight of my luggage?
There is no restriction on the weight of your luggage. However, for safety reasons, we ask that you assist the driver with luggage that exceeds 25 lbs.
Is the shuttle service complimentary?
Yes, ParkDIA shuttle service is complimentary for anyone parking within our facility.

Discount Program

Do you have a corporate discount program?
Yes, please visit the CORPORATE PROGRAM page or contact us at info@parkdia.com for details.
Do you offer any other discounts?
We offer discounts for AAA, AARP, and HEROES (All military or retirees, medical, police, fire departments and teachers with a valid ID). Please see an attendant at the facility or visit the SPECIALS & DISCOUNTS page for more information, or contact us at info@parkdia.com for details.
Do you have a discount program in place for Travel Agents?
Yes, please contact us at info@parkdia.com for details.

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