5 Tips for Saving Money and Time at DIA

5 Tips for Saving Money and Time at DIA

Are you taking a flight out of DIA and want to save as much money and time as you can, so you can travel on a budget or enjoy more spending freedom when you reach your destination? If so, today’s guide, brought to you by ParkDIA in Denver, is for you. We will be going over five easy ways to make your traveling experience a bit faster and less expensive. Let’s get started!

#1: Reserve a Space in a Parking Lot in Advance

Whether you need long-term or short-term parking, booking a spot in advance can save you money and time — you’ll pay a lower rate, and you’ll be closer to the airport. ParkDIA has both covered and uncovered lots, along with electric vehicle charging stations and a highly-secure property — so rest assured, your vehicle will be safe with us. ParkDIA is the closest, fastest, and most affordable airport parking lot in Denver. At just 2.6 miles from the airport, we provide you the parking solutions you need to keep your car safe, and the prices that work with your budget/prices that give you more money for traveling. We understand that you have to get to your flight, and our shuttles are committed to getting you to the airport fast — in about five minutes. When you come back from your trip, you won’t have to be dreading the bill for parking with ParkDIA either, as our prices are the most affordable around! Book a parking space with us today!

#2: Travel in the Off-Season

One of the greatest expenses with any trip is flying on an airplane. To minimize that expense, flying during the off-season — the period when demand is at its lowest, and therefore ticket prices are as well — is a smart move. Airlines price tickets according to demand, so the key to finding the cheapest tickets is to know when the off-season is. The off-season varies according to where you are traveling. For example, travel from North America to the Caribbean is at its lowest in September, while the low-season for traveling from North America to Europe is from mid-January to the end of February.

If your trip is not urgent and you’re just going on vacation, getting your ticket in advance for the off-season is a great way to save money. There might be secondary savings involved as well, for example, there might be discount airport parking during this time. What is more, it will also help you save time and limit stress, as there will be less travelers on the road, at the airport, and at your destination. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to avoid crowds and who wants to save money on their trips, traveling during the off-season is an excellent way to do both.

#3: Bring Your Own Food & Water Bottle

This one is both simple and effective — it reduces the time and money you’d otherwise spend on food when at the airport. You’ll also be able to prepare something you want to eat, and won’t have to worry about waiting in lines or waiting for your food to come out. You’ll also avoid paying inflated prices for a hamburger or drinks. If you’re traveling with your family in particular, a trip through the airport could easily cost over a hundred dollars extra just for food and drinks alone! Pack victuals beforehand to save time and money at the airport.

You may be thinking at this point about how you aren’t allowed to bring a bottle of water through the security checkpoint. But there is a workaround here: if you really want to bring bottled water past a security checkpoint, just freeze it. The TSA allows frozen liquids through security, as long as it’s completely solid. Alternatively, and probably more reasonably, you can just bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain on the other side of security.

#4: Pack Light

Traveling on a budget? Packing light is an effective way to save money. You won’t have to pay for checked bags, and you will save time by skipping all those annoying check-in lines. For the inexperienced traveler, this may sound like an excellent but ultimately impossible idea. However, you’d be shocked by how much you can fit in a small amount of space, if done properly. Some tips for packing light:

  • Get an Efficient Carry-On Suitcase — Avoid the extra charge airlines give you when you bring excessive baggage by getting an appropriately-sized carry-on bag.
  • Get Packing Cubes — Packing cubes, otherwise known as compression cubes, are small bags that you can put your travel essentials in to keep them organized and taking up as little space as possible.
  • Utilize Your Personal Item Allowances — Most airlines let you take one small personal item on the plane with your carry-on bag, for free. You can usually get away with things as large as laptop bags and backpacks. Fit extra items in these additional allowances so you have all the stuff you need for when you reach your destination.
  • Use Your Pockets — Remember, you can fly while wearing whatever kind of clothes you want, so wear a jacket with lots of pockets and fill them up with all your extra items. On top of being a good place to store your wallet, passport, and phone, you can also put chargers, extra clothes, and more in your pockets. If you don’t have a good pair of cargo pants and a jacket with lots of pockets, consider getting both and using them to help you save money while traveling.
  • Share Packing Space with Travel Companions — Some people pack lighter than others, so if you’re traveling with others, share space with your fellow travelers to balance out your collective luggage weights.

#5: Choose an Off-Site or Long-Stay Parking Lot

Just as you want to book a parking lot in advance to get the best rate, you’ll also want to choose a parking service that is suited for the length of your trip. The most affordable place to park at DIA is an off-site, long-stay parking lot like ParkDIA. Take advantage of our affordable pricing and secure parking today! Also, be sure to check out the ParkDIA app, which provides you directions to our lots, and helps you find your vehicle quickly and easily when you return to the Mile High City.

Don’t fight over an overpriced parking spot at the airport — reserve a spot with ParkDIA before your trip and save time and money. Have a question about our service? Contact us today!

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