Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Available at ParkDIA!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Available at ParkDIA!

ParkDIA is proud to now offer EV charging stations for no additional cost in our covered lot. Keep your car fully charged at one of our 12 car charging stations near DIA, so when you get back from your trip, your car is ready to go! If you have any questions about our charging stations regarding if your car is compatible, which it probably is, contact us now.

ParkDIA is committed to providing you with the best, most affordable airport parking solutions in Denver. We know that traveling can be expensive, so we do everything we can to offer you the most affordable rates at a convenient location, only five minutes away from the airport by shuttle. For the best possible rates we offer, book online or use our easy app (which you can find both on the Apple App Store and on Google Play). The app also helps you keep track of your receipts, check-in and out of the lot, and find your vehicle easily! We are proud to offer you both covered and uncovered parking, which you can check online with nearly real-time availability updates. For a spot with an EV charging station, however, you’ll need to book a spot in our covered lot.

Covered Lot Pricing

Covered parking spaces include use of our electric vehicle charge stations for free. Prices for covered lots are:

  • $14.95 per day when you reserve a spot early
  • $15.95 per day when you park without a reservation

Our nearest competitors’ rates are currently at $18.95 per day for covered parking, with most of the others at way more than that even. Consider that alongside the fact that we offer the closest off-lot airport parking spaces, and you quickly realize why ParkDIA is the best option when it comes to DIA parking.

Why Charge Your Electric Vehicle at the Airport

The demand for EV charging stations is growing rapidly. As more and more people buy electric vehicles, the demand for charging stations at airport parking lots only continues to rise. The ability for a frequent traveler to affordably charge their vehicle at places other than their home can make a big difference in trip time and overall convenience. ParkDIA is committed to making charging your EV easier. Imagine how nice it will be to park your car and have it at full charge when you come back to it. No need to stop anywhere on your way to your final destination; you simply jump in and go!

Reserve a Space at ParkDIA Today

Reserve your covered parking space at ParkDIA today and get access to one of our 12 electric car charging stations free! Our prices and convenient location are unmatched. We also offer a 15% discount for:

  • AAA members
  • AARP members
  • Military personnel
  • First responders
  • Teachers

Find the promo codes here.

If you have an electric vehicle and are flying out of DIA, choosing ParkDIA means you will enjoy the best DIA parking rates and have a simpler, smoother trip. Reserve a space today and get unmatched parking convenience!

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