Why Is DIA Parking So Expensive?

Why Is DIA Parking So Expensive?

Few things are as frustrating as having to pay more for airport parking fees than for the flight you just came off of. The ancillary fees around air travel can really put a bad taste in your mouth — baggage fees, booking fees, seat fees, etc. The high price of airport parking is contributed to a few factors, factors which ParkDIA either does not suffer from or mitigates as much as possible, so you can get the best price for airport parking near DIA. Reserve your spot in advance to get the prices available.

The most expensive airport in the world for parking is London Heathrow (LHR), costing you nearly $250 a week! That’s five times what you pay for a week of parking at ParkDIA. Part of the reason for that is that ParkDIA is off-site, so our prices are not set by the airport. However, in general, why is it that airport parking costs so much? Here are some of the main reasons:

#1: Property Costs

Airports are, by nature, expensive. One of the bigger expenses is real estate; an airport is a large property with most of the land being taken up by dead space in terms of generating any revenue, like runways, roads, and grass verges. One way airports offset real estate costs is by charging airlines and passengers extra for it. Such charges are usually built into your ticket price. They also make more profit by charging more for concessions and parking. For example, London Heathrow made over 4% of its revenue from airport parking in 2018 — £126 million.

#2: Competition

Another major cause of high airport parking costs is competition. In many cities, airport parking is monopolized or dominated by one provider, leading to them being able to set whatever price they choose, knowing that people will have no choice but to pay up.

#3: Maintenance Costs

Airport parking lots that are owned by the airport usually cost more because they are using the profit from the parking lot to subsidize maintenance and upkeep of other parts of the airport.

#4: Distance from Terminal

You generally pay more for convenience, especially at airports. Want to fly in the front of the plane with 6 inches more leg room? That’ll be three times the price of an economy ticket, please! The same logic holds for other convenience-driven ancillary fees, a logic that applies equally to airport parking. This brings us to the last of our reasons why airport parking is so expensive at DIA:

#5: Convenience

The reason airports are able to charge so much for parking is because the alternative is not acceptable to most people. It would be very inconvenient to wait 20 minutes for a shuttle bus to come pick you up at a far away carpark, and then another 20-minute wait just to get on the shuttle to return. The convenience of having someone park for you, and you being able to just walk out of your car into the airport may be worth the $50 or so for some people.

ParkDIA works around this logic, however. With us, there are no long waits before a shuttle will come pick you up, and the drive only takes five minutes to get to the airport. We also don’t charge you extra for the convenience of being so close to the airport, nor do we charge you extra for paying the airport to maintain its terminals. That’s why ParkDIA is able to offer the most affordable prices for airport parking around. Take advantage of our great prices and secure parking today! Also, be sure to check out the ParkDIA app, which provides you directions to our lots, and helps you find your vehicle quickly and easily when you return to the Mile High City. Make your trip a bit less expensive and more convenient — reserve your spot at a ParkDIA lot today and save!

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