Wildest Roller Coasters In the United States

Wildest Roller Coasters In the United States

If you’re out for an adventure this summer to one of the many theme parks around the country, then you’re likely plotting out a few stops to try some of the more intense and wildest rides to offer. That’s why today ParkDIA is going to list our top favorites for some of the craziest rides around the country.

The Millenium Force – Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

What’s better than climbing up 30 stories for a spectacular view of Lake Erie to then plummet 80° immediately down into a series of sharp bends and banks at breakneck speed? That’s the experience the Millenium at Cedar Point throws you into. Even without loops, the velocity will have you rocketing around this track and leave your stomach flipping all the same.

The Beast – Kings Island, Mason, Ohio

Wooden roller coasters provide that rickey minecart feel that makes the experience that much more exhilarating. The Beast is nearly six minutes of pure old fashioned roller coaster goodness, swinging you through tunnels and bens as you speed over this wooden track. The first minute of climb up that first hill is all worth it though when you plunge down at crazy speeds.

The Cannibal – Lagoon Park, Farmington, Utah

Start in a pillar of darkness, climbing up several stories before pitching forward in a high-velocity series of bends and flips over the track. Between the anticipation and the few seconds you’re held over the edge of the first drop, this coaster is going to get your heart pumping in a hurry. Be sure you wave to the folks in the cauldron before this ride eats you up.

Cyclone – Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re going to go on any roller coaster adventure, you’ve got to pay your respects to one of the veterans. It’s pretty wild to see this coaster in operation for nearly a century, and it still keeps up with the modern masters. It may not be the most advanced, but take a look at this century-old wooden coaster and tell us you didn’t have a few second thoughts about when wood starts to get old. While completely safe to ride, this coaster is a real legend and a must try for any roller coaster historians.

El Toro – Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey

A Six Flags classic, if you’re looking for a high speed, wooden coaster, then look no further than El Toro at the Jackson Six Flags. This roller coaster wastes no time in launching its riders forward into the speed of a charging bull. With quick drops and sharp bends, you’ll be feeling gravity creeping up on you in a hurry on El Toro.

Fury 325 – Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina

The crazier version of Canada’s The Levithan, this coaster goes faster, higher, and steeper than its northern version. Racing through its track at 85 miles per hour, this coaster will keep you pinned to your car without a doubt. Starting with a 81° pitch forward, there’s no time to suspense. This ride is full throttle fury the whole way around.

The Voyage – Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana

Another wooden coaster that you need to give a try. This ride may be long, but that doesn’t mean it slows down. Once you drop from the flag-covered first hill, it’s all high speeds from there on out. The hills and bends dive you underground and back out, keeping your momentum moving the whole way around the ride.

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