Why Notre Dame has Always Been a Must-See Site

Why Notre Dame has Always Been a Must-See Site

On April 15th, one of the most historic buildings in the world caught fire. As most of you know, the beautiful Notre Dame was left burning for hours. Showcased on social media, the world watched as firefighters tried their best to beat the flames at the same time that teams made efforts to save pieces of art and other artifacts trapped in the building.

The team at ParkDIA is devastated by this fire and, as individuals who love to travel, we know how painful this is for those that have spent time in Paris and have created memories of their own at Notre Dame. In today’s blog post, we are going to touch on a few of the reasons that Notre Dame was such a popular site for tourists to stop at.

Travel Back in Time

When it comes to places that you can visit while overseas, there’s nothing quite as amazing as the architectural beauties that you were able to enjoy, and Notre Dame is no different. When you visit Notre Dame, it’s as though you have stepped back in time. If you stand there for a minute and take it all in, it’s pretty incredible that you are standing in front of the same building that so many historical events took place at. The originality of the building is only one of the historical aspects that make it a must-see.

If you’re a history buff, then being able to stand in front of this building is something you need to experience for yourself. It’s not so uncommon that people visiting Notre Dame feel as though they’ve been taken back in time to any one of the events that this building has stood tall during. That being said, let’s talk a little about a few of the historical events that Notre Dame was around for.

Historical Events

Construction on Notre Dame started in 1163, making the building over 800 years old when the following event happened; this building has seen some stuff. This building stood during the great plague, the French revolution, and the Nazi invasion of World War II, just to name a few.

If the history of this building is something that fascinates you, then you’ll be able to spend plenty of time indulging in the artifacts and art that can be seen throughout. Even if you aren’t a huge history buff, it’s nothing short of amazing how this building holds so much history.

Architectural Beauty

After standing and recognizing everything that this building has been through, you can really start to appreciate the detailing of the building and the classic architectural touches throughout. Honestly, you could spend hours just soaking in the design of the building because there genuinely are hidden gems incorporated throughout the building.

Notre Dame was under construction for years, and it continues to have additions made to it. From the exterior of the building to the details throughout the interior, there is something architectural to appreciate around every corner.

Art and Artifacts

Notre Dame houses some pretty incredible pieces of art and historical artifacts. As we mentioned earlier, the architecture itself is a piece of art on its own, but we haven’t even begun to touch on the pieces of art scattered throughout the cathedral. From stained glass windows and tapestries to framed paintings and photographs, there are countless opportunities to cross paths with some beautiful pieces of art.

Aside from there being countless pieces of artwork for you to admire, there are also plenty of artifacts that you can see first hand. One of the most well-known artifacts held at Notre Dame is the crown of thorns, said to be the crown that was placed on the head of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. The crazy thing is that this isn’t the only artifact that has a significant role in history that you can enjoy at Notre Dame.

The Bells

As with any cathedral, the ringing of bells is something astounding. The number of bells at Notre Dame has fluctuated over history, which can make the sound of the bells all the more beautiful. While there were 10 bells in the building, nine of the bells were removed during the French revolution. After that, only one bell remained, and that bell is still a prominent part of Notre Dame.

Over the years there have been bells added and removed. To stand and listen to the bells ring knowing everything that they too have endured and been rung for is a beautiful experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Guided Tours

If everything that we’ve touched on above sounds like something that you’d like to experience for yourself, don’t let the idea of visiting a new place intimidate you. There have always been guided tours that help draw attention to the beautiful and historic parts of the cathedral. So, even if you aren’t a history buff or you’re unsure of what you’re looking at while walking through the cathedral, you can participate in a tour that explains it all to you.

Hope for the Future

While this building has definitely endured some serious damage after the fire, it is no less a piece of history. The damages may be significant, but we have hopes that there will be some restoration and projects that bring back the beauty of the historic Notre Dame. As of right now, church authorities estimate roughly five to six years before the cathedral reopens.

Whether Paris has always been a point of interest in regards to your travel goals or you are hoping to visit historical sites like Notre Dame, ParkDIA is here to ensure your car is taken care of while vacationing. Reserve your parking spot online for your next big trip with our team today.

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