Travel Gadgets To Buy For Your Next Trip

Travel Gadgets To Buy For Your Next Trip

Before you embark on your next trip, you may be wondering what travel gadgets to bring with you. Some gadgets will save you time as you rush to the airport to make your flight, while others will keep you entertained on that 12-hour flight to Tokyo. We’ve compiled a list of must-have gadgets that you should consider bringing on your next getaway. Only pick the gadgets that you feel you’ll use!

A Travel Backpack

Finding the perfect travel backpack can be a true challenge. If you travel often, it’s always wise to choose a backpack that is not only lightweight, but also versatile. As you start shopping around for a new backpack, look for some of the following features:

  • A waist strap. Some backpacks have waist straps that you can use to help distribute the load, so you don’t end up straining your shoulders or back. These are always a good option when you know you’ll be walking a bit or going on hiking adventures.
  • A compartment for your laptop. If you’re like most people, you may have to travel for work from time to time. When this is the case, it’s nice to have a travel backpack that offers a compartment for your laptop. These built-in compartments offer plenty of padding and protection to keep your expensive electronics out of harm’s way. You can also use this dedicated section of the backpack to hold your travel journal, tablet, or books.
  • A carry-on sized bag. This is especially important if you don’t want to get hit with costly baggage fees during your trip.

Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Travel-Friendly Backpack

If you’re looking for a travel backpack that will keep you organized and efficient, consider investing in the Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop Backpack. This backpack has a safe and secure laptop compartment that can fit laptops up to 17 inches. This is a great bag to bring with you on your next outdoor adventure as well, as it features an airmesh ventilated back panel that will keep you cool and comfortable.

YOREPEK TSA-Friendly Backpack

Another great backpack worth looking into if you travel a lot is the YOREPEK TSA-Friendly Backpack. This thoughtfully designed laptop backpack is ideal for overnight trips, weekend getaways, and lengthy vacations. Exclusively made for airplane travel, you can get through security quickly and efficiently. There is also a USB port where you can charge your smartphone, tablet, and other electronics with ease. Made with a durable polyester material, this backpack is also waterproof!

A Travel Aromatherapy Kit

As a frequent traveler, you’ve probably found yourself in some smelly situations. Whether you’re waiting at a dirty terminal for your connecting flight or your hotel has surprised you with a musty aroma, bringing a travel aromatherapy kit with you can be a life-saver.

We’ve discovered this cute and compact aromatherapy kit from Uncommon Goods that is perfect for traveling. This unique USB-powered aromatherapy diffuser will infuse the air around you with your favorite essential oils. This kit comes equipped with a travel bag, charger, and three essential oils including lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint.

A Writing Or Drawing Set

If you don’t want to spend your time twiddling your fingers at the airport, make sure you bring a writing or drawing set that will keep you occupied (this can be especially great when you’re traveling with children).

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set

For a truly high-tech experience, consider picking up a Moleskine Smart Writing Set for your next trip. With this innovative notebook, you can literally watch your ideas travel off of the page and evolve on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Through the use of Ncoded paper technology, the smart pen that is included in this set can recognize where it is on the paper tablet, capturing each stroke with your hand. When you download the companion app, you can digitally edit and share what you have created on paper in real-time without uploading files or scanning documents.

EZ Desk Model Travel Activity Kit

No matter how old your kids are, they’ll appreciate you bringing the EZ Desk Model Travel Activity Kit on your next flight, bus, or train ride. This activity kit comes full-equipped to keep your little one entertained for hours. This kit comes in a laptop-style carrying case and includes durable construction paper, eight washable markers, eight crayons, four pop-up pencils, 10 coloring pages, and more.

A Neck Pillow

Let’s face it: long flights can be uncomfortable. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to bring a neck pillow with you on your next trip. Contrary to popular belief, neck pillows have come a long way from what they used to be. Whether you’re looking for a pillow with memory foam or you’d like a neck pillow with a built-in pump that is inflatable, there are many quality neck pillows on the market.

Trtl Pillow

The Trtle Pillow is changing the way we look at neck pillows with its innovative design. As the only travel pillow in the world that is scientifically proven to provide the ergonomic support you need to sleep comfortably while traveling, this support pillow looks like a soft fleece scarf. Half the size of a normal travel pillow, you’ll experience neck support like you’ve never felt before. Another bonus? This pillow is machine-washable.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

The Cabeau Evolution Pillow is another favorite among travelers. This U-shape travel pillow features a memory foam core for a comfortable and snug fit around your neck. A great choice for people with small necks or for those who prefer a tight fit, this travel pillow may be just what you need to get a good night’s sleep on a long flight.

A Portable Charger

One of the biggest airport nightmares is to arrive at your terminal, only to realize that your phone, tablet, or laptop has run out of juice. To bypass this unfortunate event, we highly recommend investing in your very own portable charger that you can bring with you on your next business trip or vacation getaway.

Omnicharge Omni 20

The Omnicharge Omni 20 is a bit on the expensive side, but we can promise you this versatile charger is worth the investment. This charger has an AC outlet (similar to a wall outlet), so you can charge your Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro, and even handheld game consoles while you’re on the go. It even comes with a one-year lifetime warranty so if anything goes wrong within the first year, you can have it repaired or replaced for free.

RAVPower HyperAir Wireless Portable Charger

Wireless chargers are the way of the future, and the RAVPower HyperAir Wireless Portable Charger is no exception. If you’re tired of plugging your smartphone into a charger every time you need a little more battery life, you may want to invest in this portable charger. You can charge two devices at the same time by simply placing your smartphone or other device on or next to the charger.

Travel Headphones Or Earbuds

What would a trip to the Caribbean be without your favorite playlist? If you pick up some bluetooth headphones before your big trip, you’ll never have to know! Bluetooth headphones are becoming more popular because companies like Apple and Google are doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack. If you’re looking for a pair of quality bluetooth headphones to bring with you on your next trip, consider the options below.

Sennheiser HD-1 Bluetooth Headphones

If quality sound and battery life is your main concern, pick up the Sennheiser HD-1 Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones offer superior acoustics and battery life, giving you a solid 10 hours of juice on your next long flight or train ride. With discreet playback controls located along the inside of the neckband, you can easily pause music to take calls and skip between tracks with ease.

Beats X Bluetooth Headphones

The Beats X Bluetooth Headphones are perfect for people who are all about that bass. With their sleek and compact design, these headphones will be your favorite travel companion in no-time. Connect these headphones to your iPad, Apple Watch, smartphone, or tablet for clear and concise sound with heavy-hitting bass.

Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds

If your current pair of earbuds are hard and uncomfortable, pick up some Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds online. While these earbuds do not have bluetooth capabilities, they are known for their noise-cancelling properties, making them great for lengthy bus and train rides. These headphones are also much more affordable than the ones mentioned above, so if you’re not trying to spend an arm and a leg on new earbuds, these are for you!

As you can see, there are many great gadgets out there that can make your travel experience more comfortable and entertaining. If you’re planning an upcoming trip and you’re flying out of the Denver International Airport (DIA), be sure to park your vehicle with ParkDIA. We offer uncovered, covered, and covered parking spaces near DIA, and when you download our mobile app, you can book your parking space with the touch of a button.

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