Top Breweries to Visit in the US

Top Breweries to Visit in the US

Few things are as great as sitting on a patio during the summer and enjoying a cold, refreshing beer. Luckily, Colorado is one of the states known for its breweries. Whether you’re hanging out at Great Divide Brewing in Denver, Ska Brewing in Durango, Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, or any one of the many breweries scattered throughout the state, you can count on it being a quality day.

While there are plenty of fantastic breweries within the state, there are so many incredible breweries to visit throughout the country. If you are someone that absolutely loves beer, have you considered planning a trip solely around visiting these places and the beers they offer? If not, it’s definitely time to sit back and start doing some research. With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, why not book a trip to visit some of the best breweries in the US?

The team at ParkDIA is dedicated to working hard for our clients, but we also fully believe in the “work hard, play hard” way of life. That is why we have spent some time researching some of the best breweries throughout the US. Check them out and start planning for your beer-cation this summer.

Funk Factory Geuzeria — Wisconsin

Wisconsin is another beer-loving state, which is precisely why it should be a stop on your tour of the greatest breweries in the US. One of the up and coming breweries in the area is Funk Factory Geuzeria, known for creating some pretty funky wine-beer hybrids. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, this taproom is definitely a must-see. When you stop by and visit, you can guarantee that you’ll be warmly welcomed by the setup of their patio and fall head over heels for the creative and beautiful artwork found on their bottles.

Tree House Brewing Company — Massachusetts

Growing up, tree houses are the place where creativity is born, and dreams are made. Tree House Brewing Company in Massachusetts has continued this trend by experimenting with various ingredients and the ways that they blend to provide their guests with a delicious selection of ales. Regardless of when you go and visit Tree House Brewing Company, you can guarantee that they will have some sort of ale that you absolutely love. As of right now, the IPAs that they have brewed have been some of their most popular.

The Ale Apothecary — Oregon

Oregan houses The Ale Apothecary that loves to promote their brewing process. They describe their brewing process as a combination of the ancient brewing traditions and the traditional method of creating wine and champagne. Located in the heart of Bend, the Ale Apothecary has countless visitors on any given day. With numerous local businesses surrounding the brewery, it is the perfect spot to slow down and enjoy a quality-made beer.

Little Cottage Brewery — Georgia

Few things are as hot as summer days in the south. Whether you’re going to be visiting family in the area or you’re one of the few that love a bit of humidity in their life, it’s crucial that you plan a visit at Little Cottage Brewery in Atlanta. This brewery is constantly releasing fresh takes on the old-school method of brewing. From peanut butter porters to beer and ice cream pairings, you are sure to enjoy a tasty treat when you take the time to stop by their brewery.

3 Sons Brewing Co. — Florida

Florida is a popular destination for summer vacations. While the beach is plenty enough reason to book a trip out there, 3 Sons Brewing Co. makes it all the more worth your while. Unconventional beer for unconventional palates is how 3 Sons Brewing describes their craft. When you visit their brewery, you are going to be welcomed by a group of passionate and knowledgeable individuals that are ready to direct you to a beer you’ll enjoy. If you find yourself falling in love with one of their beers, you’re in luck! They offer a selection of their beers in cans, ready to take to the beach or back to your vacation house to enjoy on your downtime.

Take Care of Parking in Advance

Colorado certainly has plenty of breweries for you to indulge in while you’re at home, but there are so many incredible ones throughout the country that are worth visiting! The ones we’ve listed above are just a few of the top-rated breweries in the nation — there are still so many others that you can add to your list of must-go breweries while traveling.

Now that you know a little bit more about the breweries throughout the US, it’s time to get started on booking your trip. When you’ve made your reservations to whichever state and the desired brewery you’d like to visit, take some time to reserve your parking at ParkDIA. Our secure airport parking lot makes it easy to enjoy your trip without having to worry about your car. Simply select the parking service that you’d like to take advantage of, enter the days that you’ll be traveling, and confirm your reservation — it’s as simple as that.

ParkDIA is not only the most affordable parking option surrounding the airport, but it is also the closest independent lot to the airport. Allow our team to be the one that watches your car while you’re out and about. Reserve your parking today and enjoy the trip of a lifetime touring breweries throughout the US.

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