Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking For an Airport Parking Service

Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking For an Airport Parking Service

With more and more off-site airport parking services like ParkDIA opening up, it can feel like there are too many choices when trying to pick a place to leave your car while you’re away. Here are some of the biggest questions you should be asking when looking into airport parking services when you’re making your travel plans.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the big reasons travelers choose offsite airport parking is to cut down on the cost of leaving your vehicle in a lot. With onsite parking going up, it’s important that the offsite parking service you choose isn’t going to cost you as much, or more, than simply going to the airport. Offsite lots should offer prices lower than the airports, meaning you really will be saving money. Here are ParkDIA’s parking rates to help you get started.

Is Your Car Safe?

Onsite airport parking lots have the benefit of having security cameras and a security team dedicated to protecting your car, so offsite parking services should offer the same. Make sure you check the parking service’s page for information on their security options, like ours, or for more information on how their lots are built.

Do They Provide Additional Amenities?

Parking at the airport means leaving your car in a lot alone for however long you’re gone unless you spring for one of the more expensive options. Offsite lots often make up for this by providing additional services like car washes or shuttle services, including ParkDIA! Find out more about how we’ll take good care of your vehicle while you’re way to come back to a clean car.

How Long Do Their Shuttles Take?

If you’re going to park offsite, it’s important to make sure that not only will you not be stranded at the parking service’s lot, but also how long it will take you to get to the airport so you don’t miss your flight. Either be sure you plan ahead for long shuttle times or find an airport parking service that offers short waits. Our shuttles run every five minutes from our lots, and only take five minutes to reach DIA.

What Kind Of Reservation Do You Need To Make?

While driving right up to a parking service may be easy, parking lots fill up quickly. That’s why making a reservation can make sure you don’t get turned out at the gate right before your flight. This is also a good idea if you plan to travel when there may be heavy weather, like rain or snow, that you don’t want to leave your car out in since covered parking lots will fill up much faster. You can reserve a spot with ParkDIA now, and check in on your phone.

What Kind Of Trip Are You Planning?

What kind of trip you’re planning will determine what kind of parking you need. The airport makes this kind of choice easy with short-term and long-term parking, but how do you choose with an airport parking service? Any changes to rates for longer term parking should be available on the parking service’s website. And if you’re interested in parking long-term with ParkDIA, you can our long term parking policy here.

Does The Parking Lot Pass The Gut-Reaction Test?

As humans, we have pretty good instincts. We know when we look at something if it seems like a good or bad deal. If you pull up to a parking service’s lot, and it doesn’t pass your gut check, you should find the cellphone lot and do some research before you trust them with your car. ParkDIA strives to ensure you feel confident your car is being well taken care of while you’re away, so you can focus on your trip instead of worrying about what you’ll come home to.

If there are any other questions we can answer, try our FAQs page or get in contact with us so you feel comfortable with your choice to choose ParkDIA. Choose the best when you fly DIA.

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