Tips to Help Make Packing a Little Easier

Tips to Help Make Packing a Little Easier

The last couple of blogs have talked heavily about the packing process. Be it how to make sure that you have everything that you need for a long-term trip or the different types of supplies that you can use to organize your packing, we’ve been talking about it a lot. While we have focused a lot on it, we know that there are still some people out there (we’re guilty, too!) that hate packing.

In today’s blog, we’re going to touch on a few of the ways that you can make packing, in general, just a little bit easier. From staying motivated to tips that will help ensure everything you need fits in your bag, we’ve got your back. That being said, let’s get started because procrastination is the very first thing that we’re going to cover.

Don’t Procrastinate

After you’ve booked your flight and made the reservations at the hotel, it can seem like the clock slows down and you’re slowly anticipating the day that you get to head out on your trip. While the clock may feel like it slows down, you still need to pack! One of the reasons that packing becomes such a pain is because it’s often left to the last minute, leaving it a stressful task that needs to be completed in a rush.

Given that leaving packing until the end stresses most travelers out, the best thing to do is make sure that you don’t procrastinate. By focusing on the task at hand and getting it done, you can make sure that you pack everything that you need and have ample time to get anything that you don’t. Seriously, not procrastinating your packing is one of the major ways that you can make packing a completely different experience.

Make a List

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about procrastination and how that can affect your packing, we’re going to touch on just one simple tip that could make the process easier — even when you leave your packing to the last minute. Making a list of the items that you know you’re going to need to pack (especially when done with some extra time to spare) can help guarantee that you don’t forget about any items, can quickly gather all of the things on your list, and can do it all in a timely manner.

If you haven’t tried packing with a list before, it’s always worth giving a try and seeing how it changes the process for you.

Pick Up Some Tricks

When you have a bunch of clothes that you have to shove into your suitcase, and they fail to comply, it’s easy to get frustrated and put off the rest of your packing. This is something that we all come across, but what if we told you that some travelers have graduated to professional packers that have found a slew of tricks to make packing easier.

If you take some time to search this on the internet, you’ll find countless tips and tricks to make your packing a little more organized and help you get all of the necessary items in your suitcase. While we’d love to cover all of them, we’re just going to touch on a few of the tricks that we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of before.

Roll Up Your Clothes

Clothes are easily the most challenging part of getting everything to fit in your suitcase. Folding each piece perfectly and getting setting them inside the suitcase might look great, but it’s not necessarily the most effective way to use up the space that you have. One of the tricks that we’ve seen provide travelers with wrinkle-free clothes and optimal space in the suitcase is rolled-up bundles.

If you have t-shirts, shorts, or denim pants that you can roll into a bundle — do it! Use elastic bands to keep them from unrolling. Once you’ve got a few bundles made, you can quickly lay them in the bottom of your suitcase, stack them up, whatever! The point is, you now have all of your clothes packed away and so much extra room. Win-win!

Put Belts in Your Shirt Collars

If you’re going to be packing any collared shirts, the bundled up rolls of clothes aren’t going to work. We do have another trick that can help you keep these shirts looking nice when you finally arrive at your destination. First, fold the shirts so that the collared part of your shirt is on the top. Then open up the collar and place your rolled up belt inside. Let it fill up the entire collar so that it keeps it propped up and can help hold the shape while that shirt is in the suitcase.

It might not be a perfect, unwrinkled shirt, but this trick can definitely help keep the collars of your shirts looking nice and crisp.

Reuse Smaller Bottles

One of the best tricks that we’ve seen actually takes old pill bottles, Altoid containers, and over-the-counter medicine containers and gives them a new use. Though there are plenty of bathroom products that have been made into travel-size products, if you have the opportunity to make use of some of the containers that you have lying around your house, why not?

All of the bottles that we mentioned above are great alternatives when you need to organize and carry any bathroom products. Whether it’s q-tips, ponytails, makeup applicators, or the like, having all of these products in one small container can make it so much easier. Another excellent example of times that this tip comes in handy is when there’s one specific product that you use routinely that isn’t offered in a travel size. If your face wash or moisturizer is a must-have on a daily routine, but you can’t find it in a travel size, make your own!

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