Tips On How To Safely Pack Your Electronics

Tips On How To Safely Pack Your Electronics

Whether you’re planning a vacation to Cancun with the family or you’re gearing up for a week-long business trip in Dubai, learning how to safely pack your belongings is key to successful traveling. After all, the last thing you want to do is arrive at your hotel, only to find that your personal tablet or work laptop has been damaged en route.

Here are some popular tips to remember when it comes to packing your electronics, so your belongings can arrive at their destination in-tact and working.

Tip #1: Make A Dedicated Bag For Your Electronics

No matter what kind of electronics you plan on traveling with, it’s always wise to pack a dedicated bag to store all of your electronics in. Whether you plan on bringing a laptop, tablet, mp3 player, or Kindle, it’s important not to pack your belongings too loosely, as this can lead to cracks and damages down the line. If you plan on traveling with an expensive DSLR camera, consider investing in a padded case that can house it. If you’d like to bring your laptop along with you, invest in a protective sleeve that fits your computer’s dimensions. We always recommend cases with a hard shell, as they can help prevent dents and damages to your belongings if you drop them.


Tip #2: Keep Your Electronics Accessible

While you may be tempted to shove all of your electronics to the bottom of your carry-on bag, we highly recommend keeping these items in an easy-to-reach location. As you go through security at the airport, you will be asked to remove anything larger than a smartphone from your bag. If you can designate a separate compartment for your electronics in your carry-on bag, we highly recommend doing so. It’s also important to note that if you plan on traveling with electronics that require lithium batteries, you should remove them from your electronics and carry them with you.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Charger

We’ve all been there: You finally make it to your hotel room on the other side of the country when your smartphone finally runs out of juice. You reach in your carry-on bag for your cell phone charger and realize you left it at home. Now’s the time to make an emergency trip to a local electronics store so you can stay in touch with the rest of humanity.

Don’t let this happen to you. As you decide which electronics you want to bring with you on your upcoming trip, it’s important to keep them charged. Even the most cutting-edge smartphone or laptop is useless if it isn’t charged. If you plan on traveling to another country, be sure to pick up the appropriate adapter for your electronics, otherwise you may have to purchase one at a much higher price overseas.

Different parts of the world use different voltages and plug types for their electronics, and if you plan on traveling internationally, make sure to do your homework on where you will be going. Voltage information can be found in the device’s label that can be found under most battery packs.

Tip #4: Keep Your Smartphone Protected

As you may already know, one of the most important electronic devices to bring with you while you travel is your smartphone. Before you take off for the airport, make sure you have a sturdy and durable case for your phone. This will keep it protected from bumps, drops, and scratches. If you don’t already have a screen protector on your smartphone, you may want to invest in one of those, as well.

Tip #5: Stick To The Essentials

While you may be tempted to pack every electronic you own, we highly recommend only sticking to the essentials. The golden rule of packing is to pack light. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to pack your laptop, tablet, Kindle, or video game system, do your best to prioritize which electronics you’ll likely be using on your trip. While your phone and an e-reader may be sufficient for a weekend getaway in the mountains, a work trip may require your laptop instead.

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