Tips For A Stress-Free Drive to DIA This Holiday Season

Tips For A Stress-Free Drive to DIA This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and that means the start of the holiday season. With the holidays come winter breaks and visiting family, and that means Denver is going to be filled with people flying in to visit, and people flying out. At ParkDIA, we know that this can make travel plans hectic and we want to help make your drive easier. Whether you’re traveling or having family visit this winter, here are a few things you can do to improve your time heading to and from the airport:

Leave Early

With an influx of travelers, there are going to be a lot of people on the road. That means backups in traffic, particularly as people start to funnel into DIA’s few lanes. Add to that the risk of one of Colorado’s heavy snow days, and suddenly you’re set back hours from how long it would normally take to reach the airport. Budget ahead with plenty of time, accounting for the back-ups, crashes, and other delays.

If you have to get to the airport at a particularly busy time, or if you don’t want to sit in the car for an incredibly long time, then consider driving up and staying at a hotel near the airport. This can get you a considerable ways closer to the airport without having to drive the whole way in one go. Plus, a quick nap or pitstop can be a great way to refresh and recharge before getting back into all of the traffic. If you don’t want to stay at a hotel, there are plenty of restaurants to stop at around the Chambers Road exit off I-70, or at the cell phone lot by the airport.

Know Which Terminal

Normally if you miss you head to the wrong terminal you could just take another loop around the airport, but during the holidays another loop into that traffic can be less than ideal. Further, with the heavy traffic, it can be hard to change lanes once you’re close to the airport. Knowing which terminal you need to be heading to in advance means being prepared to get into the lane you need to be in, avoiding missing the exit and having to loop, or getting stuck in the parking garage lane and having to pay to loop.

Fortunately, all of DIA is mapped out so you can easily look up your terminal in advance, as well as the lanes. All of DIA’s roads are in Google Maps, so if you’re more of a visual directions kind of person over written ones, you can explore all the roads to make sure you know exactly where you’re going in advance.

How Many Bags

If you’re traveling with extra carry-ons with presents or expecting someone coming to visit with unusual baggage, it’s a good idea to know in advance. Extra bags mean extra time checking in, but they’re also bulky and heavy, and you probably don’t want to walk around with them all day. If you need help getting your bags, consider having someone, like a friend or a shuttle, drop you off curbside to check your bags outside before parking your car somewhere where there’s space. Whatever you decide to do, having a plan in advance will help you plan where you’re supposed to be heading, whether it’s to park or drop off someone with the bags first.

Park Your Car Somewhere Safe

If you’re going to be driving all the airport, you don’t want to have to go through the stress of the holiday traffic only to worry about where your car will be while you’re away. With as packed as the airports are, it may be difficult to find open DIA parking that’s still safe. Instead of wasting time searching the parking lots, choose an offsite airport parking option like ParkDIA to keep your vehicle safe while you’re away.

ParkDIA is five minutes from DIA and our shuttles will get you to the airport quickly so you can get through the airport to your gate faster. Our 24-hour surveillance-monitored lot will keep your vehicle secure while you’re away, and we’ll make sure you come back to a clean car when you get home. Reserve your spot with ParkDIA today and spend more time planning for your holiday travels.

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