The Fastest Way To The Runway Is With ParkDIA!

The Fastest Way To The Runway Is With ParkDIA!

Airplanes may be our fastest mode of travel, but airports can be some of the slowest places with which you’ll ever have to deal. If you are sick of the slow grind of trying to find a parking space in an airport parking lot at DIA, you’re not alone, and you’re not stuck paying their absurdly high prices and dealing with unbearably long wait times to get into a lot and then a long walk to the terminal.

ParkDIA offers a refreshing and fast alternative to the slow-moving airport. From the moment you book your space online or from our app to the time when you are dropped off at the terminal, we make the process fast and easy. Keep reading this blog entry to learn more about ParkDIA, then book a spot for the next time you fly out of DIA!

Our Airport Parking Lot is Minutes From DIA

Except for the expensive lots at the airport, no one else has airport parking in Denver that is closer than ParkDIA. Our lots are only 2.6 miles away from the airport, which translates to a quick shuttle ride. It’s impossible for us to overstate just how great it is to be only minutes from the airport and not being forced to deal with the mess of traffic that clogs up the airport.

Our shuttle drivers are safe, fast, and will take you right to the appropriate terminal, so you don’t have to worry about anything. During the shuttle ride, you can take care of any last minute business so you don’t have to dig through your bags looking for tickets or your phone.

Avoid the Confusion of Finding the Right Terminal

While DIA is set up a lot better than many other airports, it can still be tough to get to the right terminal if you don’t fly out of DIA often. Between airlines changing terminals and a lot of lanes of traffic that split off to go to the east or west terminals seemingly out of nowhere, navigating the drive to the airport can be frustrating. If you go to the wrong side, you can drive all the way back around or park and walk all the way to the opposite side of DIA.

Instead of dealing with all of that, just reserve a spot online, show up at our lot, park, and hop on a shuttle. We’ll get you there quickly and we’ll get you to the right terminal.

Save Money on Airport Parking

While saving money doesn’t actually speed up the process of parking at DIA, it can make you feel happier, which is always a good thing! Even if you don’t reserve a space before the day you fly out, you will still pay far less with us than you would if you parked at DIA, and we offer you many more options than they do. If you need a covered space, we can take care of that. Do you have an electric car? We have charging stations! Want to make sure that your vehicle is safe? Our lot is monitored 24/7 by camera, and it is fully fenced.

To save as much money as possible, join our Passport Club. The Passport Club is a rewards program that lowers the price of parking and gives you points for every dollar you spend with ParkDIA. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for free parking in our covered or uncovered lots! When you sign up, we’ll give you free points so you can start saving right now!

Don’t waste any more time at the airport than you need to. Park at ParkDIA and experience a new kind of airport parking. Download our app from the iOS or Android app stores to make reserving a spot and checking in and out easier than ever. We look forward to helping you start your trip off right.

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