Planning A Student Trip On A Budget

Planning A Student Trip On A Budget

If you’re a college student looking at taking a trip, it may feel like flying is off the table. This isn’t the case! You can still travel and maintain a budget. Today, ParkDIA is going to go over some of the ways you can save to make your next trip affordable and accessible without having to drive there.

The Timing Matters

Red-eye flights are difficult flights to make, but that’s also why they’re more affordable than other flights, up to half the price of flights during the daytime. Further, the time of the week when you travel can have a significant effect on the price of your tickets. Sundays almost always have incredibly high priced tickets, upwards of a couple of hundred dollars. Monday and Wednesday flights, on the other hand, can have flights under $50.

Tickets also get cheaper the closer to the flight, so while you shouldn’t wait until the last minute, tickets the month of will be significantly lower than tickets several months out. Depending on when you take your trip, you could be looking at prices under $100 for your tickets

Smaller Destinations

Smaller towns will have cheaper hotel rates and restaurants, meaning that the expenses you have while visiting will be lower. That said, try to fly into bigger airports. There are more flights and bigger planes coming into these airports, meaning there are more seats for cheaper. 

Travel Peaks

There are certain times of the year where travel prices spike. This is typically due to holidays or when shorter school breaks tend to happen. There’s an easy solution to saving here — don’t travel during your school breaks. There’s nothing wrong with a short trip, and it’s usually cheaper in the long run for a shorter two day trip than a week-long getaway. Travel peaks also vary by location. Hawaii is going to have expensive tickets in the summer, but not during the spring before it’s beach season. Meanwhile, big ski cities will have lower rates in the summer when their bike trails are open instead. Do some research on your destination’s travel peaks and aim to avoid those periods.

Go With A Group

Hotels are expensive on their own. And while a family room might be more expensive, normally that’s just on the parents to pay. You could have three or more other people who can pay to split the trip with you for a room that size, cutting all of your expenses. 

Skip Shopping

An easy solution to adding more to your savings is to skip the shopping trip. Pictures last much longer and are easier to pack, not to mention free if you already have a camera. Also, try to avoid tourist trap restaurants. Try something that’s local and smaller for a more unique experience.

Don’t Spend A Fortune At the Airport

Onsite airport parking at DIA is expensive. Don’t let that blow your budget. We offer student airport parking at fair rates that won’t leave you with another massive expense. Plus, our included services mean you’ll come back with a washed, clean car to head back to campus in. Reserve your spot today and stick to your budget on your next trip.

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