On-Site Airport Parking Rates Are Rising

On-Site Airport Parking Rates Are Rising

It seems like airport parking prices get more expensive every day, which adds more you have to worry about when you make your travel plans. There are a lot of reasons prices increase, so here are just a few of those reasons and what you can do to avoid extra costs when going to the airport and making your travel plans.

Airports Are Expanding

As airports expand, they are able to build out more terminals and luxuries for the travelers coming through their gates. And while it’s nice to have more options for flights out of DIA and more restaurants while you’re waiting on your layover, it means the airport is going to need to make some changes in order to make those improvements a reality. So while having a hotel at the terminal is nice, it means some of the other more non-negotiable costs around the airport are going to be raised.

Upkeep Costs

Airports need to keep up with their parking lots to make sure there aren’t potholes and their security cameras are up to date. Like major roads, parking lots need more maintenance because of the heavy traffic coming in and out of the area. Uncovered parking lots? Snow and rain can loosen pavement and leave gaps in lots, or slowly deteriorate structural supports in covered lots. An easy way to do this is to increase the prices from parking, giving them some funds to take care of those upkeep costs.

The City Said So

Sometimes a city passes ordinances that require raising the cost of airport parking onsite. These can be part of green laws trying to reduce emissions around airports, or simply to help airports make more money since airports are a big help to local economies. And while airports may profit from those increases to parking prices, there’s nothing they could really do if the city passed a law increasing the prices.

What Can I Do

There are some easy things you can do to avoid the rising costs of airport parking. You could have a friend or family member take you to the airport, which depending on the person, could be a free option. There are more taxi-like services that you can schedule from your phone, though these can become expensive if you don’t live very close to DIA or the Denver area. Or you can park your car with an off-site, unaffiliated airport parking lot like with ParkDIA.

ParkDIA has all the benefits of parking at the airport, without the growing costs of the airport. We have a range of options for parking, including covered and uncovered parking. Our shuttles will get you to the airport in a fraction of the time it will take other shuttles in the area. And with our mobile app check-in options, skip the hassle at the gate and park within minutes, getting you on your way even sooner. Don’t get caught up with on-site airport parking. Choose ParkDIA and worry less about traveling. Reserve your parking space now.

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