Must-Knows For Your First Cruise

Must-Knows For Your First Cruise

Cruises are a great way to spend a vacation. You get to enjoy some time on a ship, visit various ports, enjoy everything that the cruise line provides you with, and so much more. If you’ve just finished booking your first cruise or you’re considering booking a cruise, there are some things that you should be prepared for. Whether you’re considering a cruise to the Bahamas or Alaska, these tips are going to ensure that you leave for your vacation with realistic expectations.

Not all Rooms Have Windows

It’s essential that you spend some time looking into the room that you’re going to be staying in while you’re on the cruise. For many individuals going on their first cruise, it can be incredibly shocking to find out that not every cabin on the ship has windows. If the views that you’ll enjoy from your room are one of the reasons that you’re booking a cruise in the first place, then you better make sure that you take enough time to ensure the room that you’re selecting has windows.

Even when the only option is paying for a room upgrade, if a window in your room is something that matters to you, it’s worth every dollar you spend.

Cruise Lines Vary in Quality

Just as every travel option, cruise lines vary in quality. When it comes to booking your cruise line, it can be extremely easy to immediately choose the option that saves you the most money. As you go weighing your options, make sure that you look into what your money is getting you and how that cruise line stands up to its competitors.

Not all cruise lines are created equally, and while enjoying a vacation on a cruise ship sounds like a dream, that’s only the case if you select a cruise line that focuses on quality and provides you with a great experience.

Check for a Dress Code

You’re on vacation, so why is it that you’re being told to follow a dress code? While a majority of your time on a cruise may be sent laying out on the deck, hanging out in the pool or enjoying the sites at the ports that you stop into, there are times where you’re going to need to get dressed up. The primary time where a dress code is going to come up is during meal time.

Most cruises will provide you with a formal mealtime option where you will be waited on by serving staff, and you’ll have to look the part. Usually, evening wear and business casual attire are what you want to have set aside for these meals. It’s good to look at your meal schedule so that you know just how many formal outfits you should have packed for your cruise.

Go For All Inclusive

As you go about booking your cruise, you’re going to have a ton of options that you need to select. One of the options is an all-inclusive package that will definitely raise the price of your cruise but is worth every dollar.

The all-inclusive package will vary between cruise lines, but it often includes all meals and non-alcoholic beverages that you indulge in while on the ship. Usually, this is more affordable than what you would pay for each individual meal and drink that you would enjoy on a ship. Especially when you consider that this is going to be the primary place that you enjoy meals during this vacation.

Certain cruise lines will also offer all-inclusive drink packages that include alcoholic beverages. If you’re of age and this is a service that you plan on enjoying while on your cruise, this is another package that would be worth looking into. While it may cost a little extra upfront, this is another cost that you will definitely get your money’s worth while on your cruise.

Take Advantage of the Amenities

Every cruise line has different amenities to offer to its guests. Many of the amenities are factored into the layout of the ship itself. From swimming pools and water slides to clubhouses and game rooms, there are plenty of ways that you can spend the day while on the cruise ship.

While going out and exploring is something that you should definitely be doing while you’re at the various ports that you’re scheduled to visit, don’t feel guilty about staying on the ship and enjoying yourself. There are also options for parents to go out and enjoy the different amenities of the ship.

If you want to take advantage of that service and make the most of the amenities on the ship, do it! Do not feel guilty because, as we said before, these elements are designed to be fun for both you and your children. Even if they aren’t with you while you are enjoying yourself, they are still having a great time at the kid club!

There are usually shows on a nightly basis and lots of different events and socials that you can attend. Each of these events is something that is factored into the cost of the cruise and is something that you should be enjoying while you’re on the cruise — so make the most of everything that’s on the ship!

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