Keeping Your Information Safe While You Travel

Keeping Your Information Safe While You Travel

If you’re traveling, then you likely have a lot of your personal information on your person. IDs, passports, and credit cards are vital for travel, but they’re also the reason that many travelers are targeted by pickpockets or attract other less-than-savory attention. ParkDIA wants to help you enjoy your trip more, which is why we have put together these tips on how to keep your information safe while you’re on a trip.

Communicate In Private

If you need to make a phone call that will involve personal information, do your best to find a private place where you can have that conversation. Airports often have high ceilings that can produce a lot of echo, and anyone can be listening to you having that call. Find a section of the airport where you can have some space from others and keep your voice low to make it harder for others to listen in.

Keep It On Your Person

If you have important documents or a lot of money on you, keep it on your person, and keep it somewhere hard to get to. Jacket pockets and purses can be easy targets for pickpockets, particularly in heavy crowds. Keep this information on an inner or front pocket, making it much more difficult to take.

Never Leave Your Belongings With Strangers

You already shouldn’t leave your belongings alone at the airport, but you shouldn’t leave them with someone you don’t know at the airport. While we’d like to believe the best in people, when you have important information like IDs or passports, it’s safer to keep your belongings on your person than to trust them with someone you don’t know.

Make Sure You Have Everything Often

There are a lot of checkpoints and crowded spaces in airports. While you shouldn’t check too often, when you’re sitting and waiting on a plane or a line is a great time to double-check that you have all of your belongings on you. Checking too often will tip people off you have something worth checking for, but checking every so often will help you make sure that you still have everything you need for your next stop, whether it’s TSA, borders and customs, or your gate.

Keep It Secure

The physical versions of your information aren’t the only things you need to worry about in this modern age. Hacking is a large and complicated topic, but to put it simply, not all wifi spots are safe and not everyone on it may have the best intentions. If you can, use private wifi, either from the airport or from your phone provider. If you need to use public wifi, make sure you know which one really is the airports and not a copycat name.

Park Your Car At A Security Location

If you’re planning on leaving your vehicle while you’re away, be sure it’s parked somewhere secure. If that’s not at home, that likely means either on or offsite airport parking near DIA. Airport parking rates can pile up quickly, which is why ParkDIA offers competitive prices for our 24-hour surveillance parking lot. Know your vehicle is safe and travel safe. Contact us today to reserve your space.

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