How to Protect Your Car from Sun and Heat Damage

How to Protect Your Car from Sun and Heat Damage

Protect your car

The scorching summer heat and sun can damage your car — especially if it’s not properly prepared. Here are six quick-and-simple tips for protecting your car from sun and heat damage.

Tip #1: Check your car’s fluids

During hot weather, fluid is used more quickly than under normal temperatures. Take a look at your car’s fluids and top up anything under the recommended levels, including the engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid — and even your windshield wiper fluid.

Tip #2: Keep your tires properly inflated

Under or over-inflated tires tend to blow out more often — especially when roads are hot. Check your car’s tires once or twice a month during summer. For the most accurate reading, check your tires’ PSI levels in the morning before the temperature rises. If you plan to leave your car behind for a business trip or family vacation, inflate your tires before you go — every time.

Tip #3: Test your battery

High temperatures and the consistent use of air conditioning can stress out your car’s battery. Have your complete charging system reviewed by your mechanic once or twice during the summer to make sure everything’s working as normal. Testing your battery also helps to prevent any surprises — especially if you’re leaving for an important meeting or picking up the kids.

Tip #4: Wash your car’s interior and exterior

By washing your car, you can prevent dust and debris (like bird poop!) from scratching and breaking down your car’s wax finish. Remove food and products with a high melting point, like rubber, that may damage your interior. Prevent dirt and grime from baking into your dash by wiping away dust and other debris with a microfiber towel.

Tip #5: Wax your car

While keeping your car clean may seem like enough, a proper wax detailing is even better. Wax protects your car from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which can fade the paint. If you’re leaving town for a business trip but don’t have time for a wash and wax, find a parking garage that does it for you.

Tip #6: Park in the shade or use a windshield sun protector

Protect the interior of your car from sun and heat by parking in a covered spot when possible. If shade isn’t available, use a windshield sun protector to reflect light away from your car. Reflective protectors reduce your car’s inside temperature so you won’t need to use more air conditioning than necessary, which will save your battery.


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