How Much Can You Save on DIA Parking with Our Corporate Program?

How Much Can You Save on DIA Parking with Our Corporate Program?

DIA parking - ParkDIA corporate program

Imagine a program that could save your company money on every business trip and also provide a perk for your employees. Now imagine that program was free to join.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Read on to learn how the ParkDIA Corporate Program can save your company and your employees (and your employees’ friends and family) 15% to 30% on parking on every trip out of DIA.


Business travel is expensive. The average business trip lasts 4 days and costs $1837! For obvious reasons, companies are always looking for ways to save, and nearly half of business travelers report working under a tight budget that puts pressure on their travel plans.

You probably spend time scouring discount sites to find the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. But something you might not have thought about, but that can impact your expense reports at the end of the day, is airport parking.

The ParkDIA Corporate Program saves Colorado companies like yours 15% to 30% on airport parking, depending on how often you travel.

Let’s do the math…

Say your sales team goes on one 4-day business trip each month. They’re environmentally conscious, so they all ride in one car to the airport.

The official DIA parking garage costs $24/day, which adds up to $96 for the entire trip. Or they could choose the uncovered Economy lot at $13/day, or $52 for the whole trip.

Even without our Corporate Program, parking at ParkDIA will save them money. Our covered parking is only $14.95/day, similar to the uncovered airport parking. And our uncovered parking is just $6.95/day, which means parking for the whole trip would be $27.80.

Now check out what happens when you add the Corporate Program.

Official DIA Parking 4-Day Total ParkDIA Lot Type Without Corporate Program With 15% Corporate Discount Savings Over Official DIA Parking
Economy $52 Uncovered $27.80 $23.63 $28.37
Garage $96 Covered $55.80 $50.83 $45.17

As you can see, our Corporate Program can cut your parking costs significantly. With the 15% discount, ParkDIA covered parking is over $45 less than the DIA garage for a 4-day trip.

And that’s not all.

Our Corporate Program discounts aren’t limited to business travel. Once your company joins, all of your employees can use the discount for their personal travel as well. They can even share their discount code with friends and family. They can also combine the Corporate Program with our Loyalty Program to not only save money on every trip, but also earn points to use toward free parking. It’s a win-win-win!

Best of all, the ParkDIA Corporate Program is absolutely free for Colorado companies. All you have to do is sign up.


Don’t spend more on DIA parking that you need to. Sign your company up today.

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