Hostels Across the World You Should Stay At

Hostels Across the World You Should Stay At

In our last blog post, we talked about a few of the benefits of staying in a hostel when you’re looking for an affordable option in regards to where you’re staying. Since you have the ability to stay in some of the most beautiful cities in the entire world at an affordable cost, why not look into some of the cities across the globe that have beautiful hostels for you to stay at?

At ParkDIA, we take advantage of any and every opportunity that we get to see the world. After looking at a few of these hostels, we had a hard time not booking a stay at more than one of these locations. You, on the other hand, should entirely take advantage of these opportunities and book your stay at a hostel in any one of these beautiful countries as soon as humanly possible.


Not only is Amsterdam a city full of history, but it’s an incredible location with beautiful architecture and countless places to visit. It also happens to be one of the many cities that has an incredible hostel for you to stay. Some of the most popular places in Amsterdam are found in The Red Light District, and The Flying Pig Downtown is a hostel that is just moments away.

Aside from that, this hostel is also close to the Anne Frank House and various other historical sites that you can take a day to visit. When you stay at this hostel, you have the chance to be close to some of the most prominent sites in Amsterdam and still enjoy the lifestyle and culture of the locals.


One of the places that has become increasingly popular to visit is Budapest. A hostel that is well-known for its unique design and gorgeous art is the Wombats City Hostel located in the heart of Budapest. This hostel in itself is a work of art that you get the chance to indulge in, but it’s also incredibly close to various other artistic sites.

When you’re looking to stay at something that clearly had a lot of thought process and effort put into the design, this is the place to go. Just by looking at the pictures we can guarantee that you’ve never stayed somewhere like this before.


When it comes to travel bucket lists, Rome almost always makes the cut. This is simply a city that you need to experience firsthand. From the tasty food to the beautiful art and architecture, there’s so much to be enjoyed when spending time in Rome. The good news is, there’s a hostel right in the center of the city that makes it easy to enjoy some of the most beautiful pieces of Rome without having to try too hard.

The Yellow is a hostel that has incorporated many of the elements that make Rome such a romantic city in the first place. From the architecture and color scheme to the menu and the atmosphere, you can count on getting a good taste of everything that Rome has to offer just by choosing to stay at this hostel.


Another location that often makes it on bucket lists is Paris. With the Eiffel Tower, beautiful city streets, and the countless canals, it’s easy to understand why. This is yet another city that offers you the chance to stay in a beautiful hostel right in the heart of the city. St. Christopher’s Inn Paris Canal is one of the best places to stay when you want a touch of everything that Paris has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the luxurious aspects of Paris or you’re wanting to spend some time hanging out where the locals can be found, this hostel is easily the most popular hostel in the area and for a good reason. The unique design and layout of the hostel make it easy to get comfortable and let the energy of Paris take over. In fact, it might be hard to leave Paris after staying here.

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