Hostels Across America You Should Consider Staying In

Hostels Across America You Should Consider Staying In

If the last blog post got you excited about future travel plans, but your wallet isn’t quite as eager, today’s blog is for you. While many of those cities are definitely bucket list trips to make at some point in your lifetime, we entirely understand starting on a smaller scale. The good news is that hostels aren’t something strictly offered outside of the country. There are plenty of wonderful cities that are worth visiting right here in the states.

San Francisco, California

When you’re looking to visit somewhere that is on the other end of the spectrum of Denver weather and atmosphere, San Francisco is a great place to go. Not only is this home to some of the famous scenes in movies, but it’s also known for having a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere that you can quickly sink into.

San Francisco also happens to be the home to a beautiful boutique hostel that offers vintage design and elegant design elements. Given the location of this hostel (right by plenty of art galleries and popular restaurants and bars), the overall feel of the hostel is perfect. When you’re looking for a quick getaway to warmer weather, the Mission District is definitely a hostel worth visiting.

Austin, Texas

Another trip that offers everything that Denver is lacking is Austin, Texas. While you may see some similarities to Boulder, Austin is on an entirely new level. When you combine the weird and funky souls of the individuals that reside here with the tasteful music, delicious food and undeniable love for Texas, you wind up with one heck of an adventure.

Firehouse is a one-of-a-kind hostel located in Austin’s downtown area. This building has plenty of old-timey touches that make it equal parts unique and comforting. The one element that we simply cannot get over is the hidden bar located behind a bookcase in the lobby. How cool is that?

New York City, New York

If you’re looking to enjoy the high-energy of big city life, New York is definitely the right place to visit. Aside from there being endless Broadway shows for you to enjoy, there are dozens of tasty restaurants just waiting for you to walk in. The Local is the name of the hostel that we suggest staying in.

While it’s not quite in the heart of New York, you still get the experience and vibe that all New York locals boast of. This hostel has made it easy to enjoy the edgy and fashion-forward feel that New York emulates.

Boston, Massachusets

This hostel in Boston welcomes you in its name! HI is, without a doubt, the best hostel to stay at in the Boston area. Aside from it being an incredibly affordable option for you to take advantage of in a city that can easily rack up a bill when visiting, it’s definitely a place where you can quickly make yourself at home.

This hostel strives to be a gathering place for individuals that are traveling. Between the pool tables and the full kitchen that all guests have access to, it’s easy to sit back, relax and get to know some of the other travelers in the hostel.

New Orleans, Louisiana

A city that many people love to visit also happens to be a city that can leave you with a relatively affordable travel experience. Depending on the time of year that you’re planning to visit New Orleans, your travel can be relatively cheap. This city also happens to be the home of the best hostel in the United States, rated by travelers themselves.

Auberge NOLA is located between the French Quarter-Downtown and the Garden District Uptown. Smack dab in the middle of two entirely different experiences is the only way they saw fit to provide all travelers with the perfect experience. This hostel also happens to be extremely affordable which, for many travelers, can make it extremely hard to leave.

Miami, Florida

The last location that we’re going to touch on today is Miami, Florida. Another city known for warm weather and beautiful beaches, it’s no wonder that there are a handful of hostels that you can choose to stay at when visiting Miami. Freehand is a hostel that looks almost exactly like a hotel, and that’s because they do their best to provide their guests with the same amenities and experience as most hotels in this area.

The one major difference between this hostel and the hotels in the area? The amount of money that you’ll save while away on your warm vacation. Not a lousy differentiator if you ask us.

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