Fun Facts About Amsterdam You Should Know

Fun Facts About Amsterdam You Should Know

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam sees more than 4.5 million tourists on a yearly basis. With close to 850,000 inhabitants, it’s no surprise that this destination city is the largest in the country. As one of the most visited cities in the world, you can enjoy images of canals, houseboats, incredible architecture, and must-see museums when you visit this Dutch city.

Amsterdam Was Named After The Amstel River

Many historians say that the heart of Amsterdam is the actual dam itself. During the late 10th century when settlers began migrating to the Amstel river area, many small towns eventually developed on both sides of the river. United by a large dam, the community was initially known as Amstelredamme (named after the levee that connected its earlier borders). Over the course of several years, the city’s name changed to a shorter, more condensed version: Amsterdam.

The City Was Constructed On Poles

As you may already know, the city of Amsterdam sits below sea level. As a result, the first homes were built on poles. Back in the day, these poles were made of wood, but today, they are made of concrete for sturdier construction. If you end up checking out the inner city of Amsterdam, be sure to note some of the old homes that were built on wooden poles.

There Are More Bridges In Amsterdam Than Venice

If historical bridges are your bread and butter, you don’t have to travel all the way to Venice to admire them. A quick stop in Amsterdam will do the trick. While Venice boasts 409 bridges, Amsterdam has approximately 1,281 bridges.

Houseboats Are A Big Thing

Did you know that there are 2,500 houseboats in the Amsterdam canals? Some of them, in fact, have been floating for more than a century. If you’re visiting Amsterdam in the future, consider renting a houseboat to get the full effect of what it feels like to live on the water. You can even stop by the Houseboat Museum if you truly want to see what it’s like inside of one.

People Are Surprisingly Tall

If you feel unusually short in Amsterdam, you’re not alone. The typical Dutch man sits at 6’1” tall, while the woman’s average height is 5’6”.

Amsterdam Is Home To Incredible Architecture

If you love historical architecture, you’ll be happy to know that Amsterdam features a wonderful mix of 17th century architecture and modern architecture. You’ll notice that most of the older buildings are constructed of brick, while new constructions are made of concrete.

Bikes Outnumber Humans In This City

Biking is the most popular form of transportation in Amsterdam, hands down. There are approximately 880,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. That’s roughly 30,000 more bikes than humans! With 248 miles of bike paths throughout the city, it’s no surprise that people use this form of transportation over cars and buses.

Another fun fact is that there are between 12,000 and 15,000 bikes that wind up in Amsterdam’s canals every year. As a result, the city regularly dredges and cleans the canals to keep the city’s waterways clear of bikes and other unwanted debris.

Parakeets Are A Common Bird In Amsterdam

Did you know that there are roughly 400 wild rose-ringed parakeets that live in the city of Amsterdam? This is a fairly rare sighting because these birds tend to prefer the warm climates of Africa. Keep an eye out for these beautiful green birds during your trip to Amsterdam.

It Has More Museums Than You Think

If you love going to museums and learning about world history, you’ll be pleased to know that Amsterdam is a city with a plethora of must-see museums. With 51 well-known museums dedicated to an array of topics, there’s no shortage of things to learn in this Dutch city.

Residents Can Speak Multiple Languages

Amsterdam is a wonderful vacation destination for Americans because its residents are polyglot. This means that most people are fluent in more than two languages. In fact, 86 percent of people that live in Amsterdam speak English, Dutch, and one other language. The city is also home to at least 200 unique nationalities.

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