Easy Ways to Save Time on Your Way to DIA

Easy Ways to Save Time on Your Way to DIA

If you were to watch someone try to get ready and get to the airport on time, it might look like a funny sequence from a movie or TV show. But when it’s you and you’re trying to make sure that everything is taken care of before you head out to DIA, it isn’t so funny. In today’s blog, the ParkDIA team is going to cover a few tips that will help reduce the stress around your trip. Book a parking space at our lot today!

Pack Early

It isn’t possible, or practical, for most people to pack everything they need for a trip a week or more ahead of time, but there are a few ways to break up your packing that will allow you to be prepared to leave for the airport on the day of your departure.

First, make a list. A list will help you stay organized and it will allow you to add to it as your trip approaches. Once your list is pretty solid, break it up into a few different categories. We suggest having a category for items you can pack now (clothes that are only going to be worn at your destination, extra shoes, and anything else that you don’t use every day), items that you can pack a few days before you leave (most of your clothing, books), and items that will need to be packed the night before or day of your trip (toiletries, phone and device chargers, laptops).

Breaking your list out into more manageable pieces will help you feel more and more prepared each day, and it will show you if there are any gaps in your list. If you’re traveling with your family, check through their items as they get them ready so there aren’t any surprises.

Reserve a Parking Spot

One of the most effective ways to save time on your way to DIA is to reserve a parking spot at ParkDIA. When you reserve early, you get an even lower rate on parking than we already have for drive-up customers, and our shuttle service will remove the stress of driving the last couple miles to the airport. We have covered and uncovered lots, as well as electric vehicle charging stations, and our property is surrounded by strong fences and monitored by cameras. Your vehicle will be safe with us!

Until you try parking with us, you’ll never know just how much time you will save. Check out the rest of our site now to learn more about the many benefits of choosing us as your airport parking provider in Denver. We have great discounts and no one beats our customer service!

Leave Early

We know this is obvious, but it can’t be overstated. However many times you may have gotten lucky enough to arrive at DIA twenty minutes before your plane left and still made it onboard, this may not be that time. Planning out your packing better and reserving a parking space at ParkDIA are both excellent methods to save you time and help you feel less flustered before you leave, but if you head out of your home too late, none of the prep work will mean anything. Set multiple alarms, have your car packed the night before, do whatever it takes to make it to their airport with enough time to deal with traffic, ticketing, and security.

Now that you’re armed with a few tips to make sure you get to DIA on time, book that vacation! And make sure to reserve your spot at ParkDIA. No one else is closer to the airport, faster, or more affordable.

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