Disney Trip Guide: Epcot

Disney Trip Guide: Epcot

Today, we’re continuing our tour of the Disney World parks. Last time, we discussed the Magic Kingdom. This time, we’ll be jumping into the international tour that is Epcot, home of that giant golf ball sculpture (which actually has a ride inside of it).


Epcot isn’t as much of a coaster adventure as it is an experience. There are rides, but the theme of this park is about exploring the world and learning. There’s a lot of focus put on the park as a whole to educate visitors about the parts of the world that that section is based on over thrill-seeking rides. This can make this park great for little ones who want to see a lot of animals, since Epcot has almost a zoo’s worth of animal exhibits, or for any family members who are particularly interested in being world travelers when they grow up. Make sure you keep an eye out for cast members, since many of them will be dressed up for the country they’re visiting.

World Showcase

The World Showcase is a walking tour of the globe around a lake. There are prongs every couple hundred feet leading into another country around the globe. This guided tour of the world has a lot of restaurants to give you a taste of the culinary styles around the planet, as well as cast members hanging out in the home country of their stories. Visit Belle in France, Jasmine in Morocco, or Snow White in Germany.

Occasionally throughout the day, there will be shows in the bay, showcasing magic from all around the globe, or even from outside of it. See the Guardians of the Galaxy land at the American Adventure or, for the adult guests, try the International Food & Wine Festival in the evening. For the world trotters, pick up a souvenir from IllumiNation: Reflections of Earth, which will light up with the country you’re visiting flag’s colors.

Future World

Future World is the seven-pronged second half of Epcot under the shadow of Spaceship Earth, which is that big gold ball looking thing Epcot is known for. If the World Showcase focused on the countries around the world, then Future World focuses on the different parts of the world or those outside of it. Explore space on Mission: SPACE or in Spaceship Earth. Dive into the ocean with Nemo Bruce’s Shark World or at the mini aquarium nearby. Travel over the plains and mountains in Soarin’ Around the World or walk through it with Living With the Land. And for any animation fans, see the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival, or at ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs for early movie character designs or concept work.

Epcot is about exploring the world and the legacy Disney wants to leave. It certainly has a focus on learning, and a lot of walking, which may make this a good break before going to another park for more rides. While you’re out exploring the world, worry less about parking near DIA. ParkDIA is an off-site, long-term airport parking option with 24-hour surveillance so you can focus on your global adventure. Reserve your spot today, and come back next time to visit Hollywood Studios.

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