DIA Parking Rates: What You’ll Pay for a Week Away

DIA Parking Rates: What You’ll Pay for a Week Away

DIA weekly parking

Did you know that the average vacationing family spends $172 per trip just for parking? That’s almost what it costs for two kid’s tickets to Disneyland! (Off-peak tickets, but still!)

There’s no reason to pay that much for parking, especially at DIA, where private, off-airport lots provide the same convenience as the official ones and loyalty programs can save you money on every trip.

If you’re flying out of the Mile High City, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for a week of parking.


Whether you want to park in a garage, in economy, or in a shuttle lot, Denver International Airport (DIA) offers multiple options. However, expect to shell out more cash for official DIA lots than private ones.

For example, let’s say you park your car in an official DIA parking lot. If you choose garage parking, you’ll spend $168/week. If you choose the more affordable economy option, you’ll still pay $91/week (that’s 1 kid’s ticket to Disneyland, FYI).

Fortunately, official airport parking isn’t your only option. Privately owned and operated lots near DIA provide an affordable alternative. Across the board, weekly rates at private lots range around $49-98/week for uncovered parking and $105-112/week for covered parking.

ParkDIA is at the low end of both scales. When you park with us, you’ll spend only $48.65/week for uncovered parking or $104.65/week for covered parking.

Official DIA Parking 7-day total Private DIA airport parking lots 7-day total ParkDIA 7-day total
Economy $91 Uncovered $49-98 Uncovered $48.65
Garage $168 Covered $105-112 Covered $104.65

As you can see, you’ll automatically save money by choosing ParkDIA. Compared to official DIA parking, you’ll save $42-63/week.

Going to Chicago? The money you save will buy you a decent seat at Wrigley Field. Heading to NYC? You’ll have enough for a ride up to the Empire State Building Observation Deck for an unforgettable view — and still have money to spare.

Don’t spend more on Denver airport parking than you need to. ParkDIA is proud to offer travelers like you affordable rates and quick (and free) shuttles to ensure a hassle-free experience to and from the airport. Plus, you can save even more by joining our loyalty program or using your AAA membership card or a military/first responder/teacher ID. Reserve your parking spot today.

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