Destinations Unique To The States

Destinations Unique To The States

There are all kinds of unique destinations around the world, but with as big as the United States, there have to be a few you can visit at home. More than a few, that’s for sure. In this blog, ParkDIA is going to go over some of the amazing places you can visit in the States outside of Colorado.

Antelope Canyon

A little ways off from the Grand Canyon is Antelope Canyon. This series of caves is a long winding stretch of stones walls sanded down to smooth waves from years of erosion, and the results are beautiful. It does require booking a reservation with a local tour company, but considering the beauty of this cavern, it’s well worth the waiting period to join a tour.

Chincoteague & Assateague Islands

Chincoteague is an island city off the coast of Virginia and it’s sort of the east coast’s version of the mustang. Across the want from Chincoteague are the Assateague Islands, home to the Chincoteague pony. These ponies are a completely unique breed of equine that swim across the water once a year to trot through Chincoteague for auction. If you are or know a horse fan, then you should visit this incredibly unique horse at its home.

Watkins Glen State Park

With trails along both sides of the gorge, Watkins Glen is a narrow hike with a view worth exploring. The paths are paved and fenced along the drops into the gorge, with several waterfalls cascading over the side of the trail. The waterfall and cobbled path combo has become particularly photogenic, with Rainbow Falls showing up on most searches as a particular photo-op moment as it looks like something out of a fantasy film.

Hamilton Pool

Thousands of years ago, an underground river carved out the cavern that is now Hamilton Pool before the ceiling collapsed and exposed it to the sun. Now, it’s a cove perfect for sunbathing and swimming, with seating from the sandy bank to the craggy ledge around the lip of the cave. Dive into this tucked-away paradise for a hidden gem in Texas.

Sequoia National Park

With trees dating back centuries and reached higher than some buildings, Sequoia National Park is a sight to behold. The titular trees stand hundreds of feet tall, and many of them have lived for centuries, being nearly impervious to fire and disease. But hidden in Sequoia National Park is another stop, almost a destination in and of itself: Crystal Cave. This cave is one of the hundreds that network beneath the massive sequoia trees, but it’s the only available to the public to visit.

There are so many places to explore throughout the States for breathtaking views and sights, and they’re all a short plane flight out of DIA away. There’s no reason though to come back home and have a breathtaking airport parking bill though. Choose ParkDIA for competitive airport parking rates and 24-hour security monitored airport parking near DIA. See more of the unique United States and worry less about airport parking — reserve your spot today.

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