Children’s Books That Drive the Desire to Travel

Children’s Books That Drive the Desire to Travel

The desire to travel is something that we find in our partners and in our best friends, but when you have children, it can take some time for them to understand the many reasons that traveling is such a blessing. Whether your children aren’t excited for a trip that you’ve booked or you simply want to spark a passion for travel, there are a handful of children’s books that are absolutely fantastic and can help you promote adventures around the world.

The team at ParkDIA has had a passion for travel for as long as we can remember. It’s something that our families and friends share with us, so we can entirely understand the desire to share this passion with your children! Keep reading for a few children’s books that you can introduce to your children to help them find their passion for traveling.

Oh, the Place You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss has been a fan favorite for generations. The lessons that he teaches in the stories he tells sticks with us as we grow. Oh, the Place You’ll Go is a fantastic story that tells of the endless possibilities that one will come across throughout their life. Whether your child is under the age of five, in their teens, or they’re an adult, this book is sure to inspire them to get out and travel more.

Paddington, by Michael Bond

Yet another story that has been shared with children for generations is Paddington. The story of the curious bear Paddington has sparked the desire to visit parts of the world that children might not otherwise know about. The point of view that Paddington shows us of his home in Peru is also a great way to introduce children to the idea of respecting the planet so that we can continue to enjoy its beauties. With the various places that Paddington visits throughout his story, children get a small glimpse of England and the many wonders that it holds.

Madeline in London, by Ludwig Bemelmans

This picture book is a fantastic story that has captured the hearts of little girls across the world. Madeline in London tells the story of a little girl and her class traveling to visit their dear friend Pepito. A lovely story that captures the beauty of friendship and travel all in one, it’s no wonder that this classic story has been a favorite since it’s original publication in 1961.

The Boxcar Children, by Gertrude C. Warner

If you’re trying to inspire a child who’s capable of handling a more advanced level of reading, The Boxcar Children is a fantastic series to get them into. These short chapter books visit the adventures of a group of children that are traveling together and solving mysteries along the way. As they travel they visit various parts of the country, sharing their experiences with the reader. This is an absolutely fantastic series to challenge their reading skills while getting them excited to see the various sites right here in the US.

Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak

A book that most children grow up loving, Where the Wild Things Are inspires curiosity and the concept of leaving your home to explore. While there aren’t specific locations that are visited in this story, the story truly promotes the idea of adventure and the beauty of being able to come back home at the end of the day. Again, though there aren’t specific locations that are talked about in the story, there’s no doubt that this story is one that instills a sense of adventure in children.

At the Same Moment Around the World, by Clotilde Perrin

This children’s book is a beautiful and well-written story talking about the various time zones in our world. Each page shows one of the 24 time zones and while moving through the 24 hours of the day. Aside from giving children an understanding of time zones and the concept of time while traveling across the globe, this children’s book provides them with a quick glimpse at places across the world to truly inspire them to get out and see the world for themselves.

Good Night World, by Adam Gamble

The Good Night chronicles are ones that many of us are familiar with and have grown up with. Good Night Moon is one of the more popular stories in this series, but Good Night World is a great way to teach children a love for the world and the wonders that it holds. Aside from showing children a few of the beauties of the world, this story teaches children about the benefits of conserving our planet and why it’s so important to take care of the world that we live on, something that is important for little hearts to learn.

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It’s not difficult to fall in love with travel. While a trip can certainly help spark this passion in your child, it’s easy to help them explore their curiosity by providing them with children’s books that talk about the many reasons that one should get out and explore the world. When you do finally head out of town with your little ones, let ParkDIA be the ones to provide you with airport parking services. Our secured parking lot is the closest independent lot to DIA, as well as the most affordable. Browse the parking services that we offer and reserve your airport parking today.

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