Children Traveling on Their Own: What You Need to Know

Children Traveling on Their Own: What You Need to Know

There are countless reasons that a child may need to fly alone. When it comes time for your child to head onto a plane on their own, it’s good to know what to expect before that day comes around. The team at ParkDIA knows how anxious this can make some parents, so we wanted to take some time to cover a few of the things that can help put those nerves at ease. Let’s dive right in.

Age Matters

One of the first things that parents need to know about children traveling alone is that there is an age requirement. Requirements will vary across airlines, but it is common for children between the ages of five and 14 traveling without a parent to be considered unaccompanied minors. For children that fall between the ages of 15 and 17, any unaccompanied minor services offered by the airlines are entirely optional.

Connecting Flights

Unaccompanied minor services are not the only time where age comes into play in regards to minors flying. One of the areas that might be surprising to hear about will be connecting flights. Even when there are unaccompanied services for minors traveling without a parent, certain airlines have age restrictions on when minors can make connecting flights.

In most cases, if a child is under the age of seven, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to make connecting flights at all. Depending on the airline, if the child is older than seven and needs to make a transfer, airline personnel will assist them and ensure that they make it onto the plane safely. All of that being said, if a connecting flight is something that you’re going to need to make it to your final destination, this is something you’ll need to take into consideration.

In regards to flight transfers, this is something that varies from airline to airline, so make sure that you take some time to check what the airline you’re considering offers.

International Travels

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about the restrictions that age can have on minors traveling alone, it’s time we talk about the limitations that come along with traveling internationally. For starters, it’s a pretty difficult feat to let a minor travel without being accompanied by a parent when it comes to international trips.

Even in the off chance that a minor can travel on their own internationally, it’s usually only going to be 17-year-olds. Even then, the airline is likely going to need a letter of consent that shows that the parents are entirely aware that their child is flying internationally. And, as we’ve mentioned before, you will want to double check with the airline that you’re considering before you secure any plans.

Time of the Flight

The age of your child isn’t only going to determine whether or not they can make a connecting flight or travel internationally, it’s also going to determine what time of the day they’re able to fly at. While there is quite a bit of flexibility in regards to the times that they can fly, it’s important to know that your child isn’t going to be able to take off on any red-eye flights.

Some airlines don’t allow for minors to fly on the last connecting flight of the day, which includes any flights between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. This is yet another thing that you’re going to want to double check before you settle on any one flight.

Unaccompanied Minor Fees

Having a child travel on their own can be extremely nerve-wracking, and the airlines entirely understand this. That is why they offer unaccompanied minor services in the first place. That being said, in order for your child to travel on their own, you can anticipate some additional fees tacked on to the cost of the flight.

This is yet another factor that will vary from airline to airline. In some instances, airlines will charge you a flat fee per child each way. Other airlines may charge more depending on the age of the child, if there are any connecting flights, and the like. To get a full understanding of the fees you might be charged, it’s best to check the particular airline to see how they determine unaccompanied minor charges.


The last point that we’re going to cover in today’s blog is the paperwork that will need to be completed before your child can fly. When you determine which airline is going to be best for your needs, you will need to acquire the required paperwork for them to fly. This paperwork will include information like the name of your child, their age and birthdate, and other relevant information that will ensure airline personnel has all of the information that they need while assisting your child.

Use ParkDIA When You Travel

In the times that you’re flying with your family or you’re heading to the airport to drop off your child, let ParkDIA be the ones to help with your car. We offer both short-term and long-term airport parking services here in Denver. Given everything that you need to consider when traveling with your child, we want to ensure that parking is the easiest part of your trip.

Simply browse the parking service that we offer, select the one that you’d like, enter the days that you’ll be traveling, and confirm your parking spot. It’s as easy as that! And, if there are any additional questions that you have or assistance that you need, feel free to contact our team.

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