Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Travelers

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Mother’s Day is quickly coming up, and that means that it’s time to start planning the perfect gift. The beautiful woman that you call your mom is more than deserving of a thoughtful gift and a special day. While you could always opt for a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, and a gift card, why not get a little more creative? If the mother that you’re wanting to purchase a gift for is someone passionate about travel, your Mother’s Day shopping just got a whole lot easier. Here at ParkDIA, we eat, sleep, and breathe travel. Our … Continued

Tips To Make Saving for a Trip a Bit Easier

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Traveling is one of the things that everyone wants to do. Whether you’re looking for a quick trip to a new state or you’re wanting to cross off some items on your bucket list and head overseas, money is a significant factor that needs to be taken into consideration. While some may be able to afford spontaneous trips, that isn’t the case for a majority of us. If it was, we wouldn’t be working 40-hour weeks and would probably own a cabana on our favorite beach. Given that most of us can’t afford a spontaneous trip but still have the … Continued

Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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The weather has started to warm up here in Denver. That means that more and more people are beginning to prepare their backyards for family BBQs and cold beers with friends. With May quickly approaching, we can’t help but get excited about Cinco de Mayo and the festivities that come with it. Here at ParkDIA, we like to do things big. With Cinco de Mayo coming up, we’re wondering where in the world we should go to celebrate. It goes without saying that a trip to Mexico would be the best option, but when your passport is expired, or you … Continued

Why Ziplining Should Be On Your Bucket List

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From skydiving to visiting specific destinations, each of our bucket lists has something unique and thrilling on it. Sure, there are likely no two bucket lists that look exactly the same, but there are certain things that can be found on more than one. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about one specific item found on bucket lists: ziplining. Whether you’ve always wanted to take on this adventure or you’ve honestly never considered it, ziplining is a thrilling experience that we think everyone should contemplate adding to their bucket list. Not sure why we feel this way? Keep … Continued

Best Destinations to Visit as a Rock Climber

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Here in Colorado, we are lucky enough to have easy access to some of the most beautiful creations of mother nature. From winding rivers to snowy mountain tops, it’s extremely easy to fall in love with the various activities that this state has to offer. One of the activities that people fall into and become passionate about is rock climbing. There are countless places where you can indulge in this passion right here in Colorado, but for those of you that want to take this passion to new territories, today’s blog is for you. We know that while every rock … Continued

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