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What’s Your Top Airport Parking Priority? Take Our Poll!

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When it comes to airport parking, what’s most important to you? Affordability? Speedy shuttle service? Rewards? We want to know what you look for in an airport parking lot so we can make sure our services meet your needs. Tell us your top airport parking priority by taking our poll below! [yop_poll id=”7″] ParkDIA offers all of the benefits and amenities on this list. Reserve your spot now for as little as $6.85/day.

Comparing DIA Parking Loyalty Programs

Comparing DIA Parking Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty programs lower your airport parking costs by rewarding you for each stay. They don’t cost a thing to join, pay you in free parking, and give you exclusive discounts. Result! Most DIA parking loyalty programs reward travelers with points per dollar spent, which you can redeem later for free parking. Some include additional discounts for business travelers, electric car owners, and active/retired military (or all three). Here’s an at-a-glance look at DIA parking loyalty programs. Parking Lot Loyalty Rewards Top Program Benefits ParkDIA 10 points per $1 Free days just for signing up Exclusive offers 15% discount for AARP, AAA, military, … Continued

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How Much Can You Save on DIA Parking with Our Corporate Program?

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Imagine a program that could save your company money on every business trip and also provide a perk for your employees. Now imagine that program was free to join. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Read on to learn how the ParkDIA Corporate Program can save your company and your employees (and your employees’ friends and family) 15% to 30% on parking on every trip out of DIA. _______________________ Business travel is expensive. The average business trip lasts 4 days and costs $1837! For obvious reasons, companies are always looking for ways to save, and nearly half of … Continued

Business Travel DIA

How to Navigate DIA Like a Pro: Tips for Business Travelers

There’s the way most people navigate Denver International Airport. And then there’s the way savvy business travelers do it. If you travel a lot for work, you know that getting through the airport quickly is the key to having time to finalize that last email, make one more call, or even just chill for a few minutes before you hit the skies. From how to skip long security lines to the best place to charge your phone, here are our favorite tips for breezing through DIA. #1: Check in online Before you head to the airport for your business trip, … Continued

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Guide to DIA Parking

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You’ve packed your bags and downloaded new episodes of all your favorite podcasts, and you’re ready to hit the skies! The last detail you need to finalize? Where to leave your car while you’re away. Don’t let the stress of not finding a parking spot or not being able to get quickly from trunk to terminal ruin your trip. By planning ahead, you can save money, ensure your trip runs smoothly, and — most importantly — breathe easy knowing your car is in good hands. You have many choices for DIA parking, including the official airport lots, private lots, and … Continued

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