Great Ways to Keep in Touch When Out of the Country

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When traveling out of the country for extended amounts of time, there are so many things that need to be accounted for. Once all of your I’s have been dotted and T’s have been crossed, there’s nothing left to do but wait for the day you leave. While flights and plans for where you’ll be staying are definitely tough to plan, one thing that you want to make sure you don’t leave until the last minute is how you’ll be keeping in touch with people. Whether it’s your family or your friends that you’re wanting to keep up with while … Continued

Gadgets Great for Every Traveler

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When you’re always on the go, it’s crucial that you find ways to maintain life as usual. Whether you’re going to be traveling for long periods of time or you’re just heading out for a quick getaway, there are certain gadgets that you should be investing in. The team at ParkDIA knows just how essential it is to find the different things that make life easier when traveling, so we have composed a list of gadgets that we think every traveler could benefit from having. Let’s dive in! Portable Hotspot Internet and data is something that we have easy access … Continued

Why Notre Dame has Always Been a Must-See Site

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On April 15th, one of the most historic buildings in the world caught fire. As most of you know, the beautiful Notre Dame was left burning for hours. Showcased on social media, the world watched as firefighters tried their best to beat the flames at the same time that teams made efforts to save pieces of art and other artifacts trapped in the building. The team at ParkDIA is devastated by this fire and, as individuals who love to travel, we know how painful this is for those that have spent time in Paris and have created memories of their … Continued

Benefits of Flying vs. Driving – Part 2

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In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the reasons that our team will always choose to fly over driving to our travel destination. While those four reasons were definitely some of the primary reasons we stick to flying, they certainly weren’t the only ones. Today’s blog is going to continue to provide you with a few of the perks that you’ll be able to enjoy when you opt to fly to your travel destination instead of drive. Reason #5: People Get Cranky Everyone has this idea that a road trip is going to be a great … Continued

Benefits of Flying vs. Driving

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When it comes to traveling, one of the first things that you need to figure out is how you’re going to get there. Depending on where it is that you’re going, there may be only one answer. For example, if you’re going to be traveling to Ireland, your best option is going to be to fly, while heading out on a weekend trip to Arizona allows you the opportunity to drive as well. Here at ParkDIA, we are big fans of traveling and, in our opinion, flying is the only way to go. In today’s blog, we are going to … Continued

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