Bleisure Travel: 7 Great Reasons to Mix Business and Leisure

Bleisure Travel: 7 Great Reasons to Mix Business and Leisure

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Bleisure: It’s part business, part leisure, and one of today’s hottest travel trends. Penciling in “leisure time” on your business trip itinerary might seem like an odd concept, but travelers are beginning to realize the benefits of doing just that. Here are some reasons to switch up your business travel routine to mix work and play.  

You’ll have something to look forward to

The highlight of your trip doesn’t have to be the dessert menu at a client dinner. Once you’ve made the decision to extend your stay, you can look forward to that hike you’re taking in the morning, the wine tasting tour you scheduled, or even just having some extra time to sleep in!

Friends and family can tag along

Leaving family and friends behind when you’re constantly traveling can be a drag. Bleisure travel offers a great opportunity for them to pack their bags and hitch a ride. It might not be the best time for a honeymoon or a family reunion. But it can be wonderful for bonding during time that would otherwise have been spent apart.

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You’ll get to explore a new destination

Have you ever traveled to an exciting destination for work and ended up spending the whole time in hotels, conference halls, offices, and Ubers? Do yourself a favor and schedule a few extra days. Stretch your legs, walk the streets, interact with the locals, taste the food, and enjoy the scenery. Who knows the next time you’ll be back (…unless it’s an annual conference, of course).

It helps you rejuvenate

There’s no doubt about it: business travel is an energy suck. Stack work on top of it, and you can be a complete zombie for days after you arrive home. With a little bit of extra time off of work and flying, you’ll have an opportunity to recharge your battery and return home fresh and ready to snap back to “reality.”

You can check off bucket list items

If your next business destination is to somewhere on your bucket list, it would be a shame not to extend the trip! Going to a conference in Paris? Embrace your inner tourist and snap a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower. Never been to NYC for fun? Ask the locals for the best places to grab a bite after you take the ferry to Ellis Island. Whatever the destination, use work trips as an opportunity to see things you would otherwise have skipped for an immediate flight home.

You’ll save some vacation days

Since work travel takes you to your destination in the first place, you don’t have to spend any precious PTO getting there on your own. An awesome bleisure vacation can even eliminate the “travel itch” for a while. Not only does that save you time and your company money, but you don’t have to pack for two different vacations. Bonus!

You’ll get to spend more time with colleagues or clients

If you’re traveling to a place your company does a lot of business, a couple of extra days gives you the chance to form a closer relationship with clients. Take them out to dinner or for happy hour. It’ll be a memorable client experience and give you the chance to decompress. If you’re visiting another office, use your business trip as an opportunity to get to know the coworkers you don’t get to see very often.

Next time you book a business trip, ask yourself if the destination is fit for a “bleisurely” vacation!

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