Best Destinations to Visit as a Rock Climber

Best Destinations to Visit as a Rock Climber

Here in Colorado, we are lucky enough to have easy access to some of the most beautiful creations of mother nature. From winding rivers to snowy mountain tops, it’s extremely easy to fall in love with the various activities that this state has to offer. One of the activities that people fall into and become passionate about is rock climbing.

There are countless places where you can indulge in this passion right here in Colorado, but for those of you that want to take this passion to new territories, today’s blog is for you. We know that while every rock climbing experience is unique, the hunger to climb new areas will always arise.

Keep reading for a few of the destinations that you, as a rock climber, need to add to the list of places to visit. The following have countless courses for you to take advantage of, gorgeous views, and are guaranteed to make for an incredible trip.

Red River Gorge — Stanton, Kentucky

Alright, probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think about quality rock climbing, but the Red River Gorge has actually been listed as one of the best rock climbing destinations on more than one occasion.

Not only is this destination absolutely beautiful, but it is like it was designed with rock climbers in mind. There are various routes that you can take advantage of. That means that climbers of all experience levels can enjoy their time at this destination.

Given that this is a well-known place for climbers to visit, you can count on crossing paths with individuals passionate about climbing from all walks of life. There are also countless groups that you can meet up while visiting so that you have the chance to meet other people and get out and rock climb!

Castleton Tower — Moab, Utah

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then Moab is no new destination. Even if you haven’t had the fortune of visiting this destination, you’ve certainly heard of it. Moab is a fantastic place to book a trip to. Aside from offering countless rock climbing adventures, there are endless rafting, hiking, and biking excursions that you can indulge in.

One of the reasons that Castleton Tower has gained popularity in the rock climbing world is because of the challenging routes that it offers. For individuals have gained quite a bit of experience and are looking for a new challenge, this is definitely the place to go!

Joshua Tree National Park — California

Though California is known for having some of the busiest and overpopulated cities, there are also countless places that you can visit to really soak in some beautiful views. Joshua Tree National Park is one of those places.

This is a fantastic destination to visit for year-round, quality climbing. Given that the weather in California is almost always warm and welcoming, you have the opportunity to enjoy the rock climbing excursions regardless of the season.

Joshua Tree National Park has over 8,000 established rock climbing routes throughout the park. That means that you can spend days here and climb a different route every day. If you’re looking to get away from the cooler Colorado weather, head over to Joshua Tree National Park for a week and enjoy the ideal climbing conditions and the endless climbing routes.

Shawangunks — New Platz, New York

Another area that few people consider when it comes to rock climbing is New York. Now, we absolutely are not talking about New York City. While it would be interesting to climb up some of those skyscrapers, the views would be much less rewarding than those at Shawangunks.

This rock climbing destination is known for having some of the most beautiful vertical clifts. Upon first glance, these cliffs can look a little daunting. The reality is — they are! These cliffs, also known as “The Gunks,” are well known for being a bit more difficult, but also offer many routes designed for less experienced rock climbers.

Regardless of the time of year that you choose to visit this rock climbing destination, you can count on incredible views that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Aside from that, you’ll get to see a different side of New York that most people wouldn’t even dream existed.

Silver Mountain — Baraga, Michigan

The last location that we are going to touch on is Silver Mountain located in Baraga, Michigan. This is another well-known rock climbing location with one primary hunk of rock right in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. While this isn’t exactly a formation that you can climb, there is an incredible summit that you can take advantage of.

This is yet another destination that offers various routes to take advantage of. In fact, there are even steps throughout the park for friends or family that you’re traveling with who aren’t huge on climbing. This is one of the reasons that so many people choose to visit this part of Michigan.

While the climbing is the primary reason that people decide to visit Silver Mountain, there is also plenty of wildlife that you will have the chance to enjoy. Some of the most common animals seen are birds of prey like hawks and kestrels.

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