Be Thankful for Close and Inexpensive Airport Parking

Be Thankful for Close and Inexpensive Airport Parking

This November, make sure that you take some time to appreciate everything you have in your life. Family, friends, safety, comfort — all of these things are important and we should make sure that we express our appreciation for them.

If you are going to be flying to another part of the country or the world during the holiday season, you’ll need a place to park your car before you leave Denver International Airport. ParkDIA is the best airport parking at DIA for many reasons. In the rest of this blog entry, we’ll give you a few reasons to be thankful for fast, close, and affordable DIA parking!

ParkDIA is as Close to DIA as Possible

While DIA is one of the better airports in the country in terms of being able to get in and out of the airport quickly, that doesn’t mean that you will always have the time that you’d like to arrive and make it to security. Especially around the holidays, it is very easy to get busy or sidetracked trying to prepare for your trip, and it is almost inevitable that you will leave later than you’d like.

If you try to find a spot at the airport and you’re running late, you might miss your plane. The parking at DIA fills up quickly and can force you to leave the airport to park at an offsite lot. Here’s something you might not know: parking at ParkDIA is only a very short shuttle ride away from the gate. With ParkDIA there is no driving around the gigantic lots at the airport and then trudging across the parking lot to the gate; you just park in one of our covered or uncovered spots and find the nearest shuttle pick-up spot (there are lots of them!), and you’ll be at the airport in just a couple minutes. No fighting traffic, no exorbitant parking prices.

ParkDIA Has the Lowest Parking Rates

The airport parking lots at DIA charge more than they should because they know that people will pay those prices. Whether they’re in a hurry or because they don’t know that there are better options, people fill those lots day after day. We want to get the word out that you can get a great DIA parking spot without having to pay the airport’s ridiculously high prices. Even before discounts, our parking is significantly less expensive than the spots at DIA. In fact, a covered spot at ParkDIA is still less expensive than an economy spot right next to the airport! Not only will your car be protected from the weather, we’re also so close to the airport (less than 2.5 miles away), and our shuttles run so often, that you might make it into the airport faster than someone parking in the expensive “economy” lot at DIA.

If you need an affordable parking space that is close to DIA, sign up for an account on our site and reserve your spot now! To make reserving, checking in, and checking out even faster, download our app for iOS and Android smartphones!

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