Games To Play In The Airport

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Traveling with younger family members can be a struggle. It’s hard to convince little kids to stay still for hours on end, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing at the airport and on the plane. Instead of making your kiddo sit still, give them something to do to get those wiggles out while you’re at the gate. ParkDIA wants to help you make your flight out of DIA easier, which is why we have some fun airport games you can try with little to no supplies needed. Bring Your Own This is a bit of an easy answer, but … Continued

Children’s Books That Drive the Desire to Travel

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The desire to travel is something that we find in our partners and in our best friends, but when you have children, it can take some time for them to understand the many reasons that traveling is such a blessing. Whether your children aren’t excited for a trip that you’ve booked or you simply want to spark a passion for travel, there are a handful of children’s books that are absolutely fantastic and can help you promote adventures around the world. The team at ParkDIA has had a passion for travel for as long as we can remember. It’s something … Continued

Top Breweries to Visit in the US

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Few things are as great as sitting on a patio during the summer and enjoying a cold, refreshing beer. Luckily, Colorado is one of the states known for its breweries. Whether you’re hanging out at Great Divide Brewing in Denver, Ska Brewing in Durango, Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, or any one of the many breweries scattered throughout the state, you can count on it being a quality day. While there are plenty of fantastic breweries within the state, there are so many incredible breweries to visit throughout the country. If you are someone that absolutely loves beer, have … Continued

Wildest Roller Coasters In the United States

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If you’re out for an adventure this summer to one of the many theme parks around the country, then you’re likely plotting out a few stops to try some of the more intense and wildest rides to offer. That’s why today ParkDIA is going to list our top favorites for some of the craziest rides around the country. The Millenium Force – Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio What’s better than climbing up 30 stories for a spectacular view of Lake Erie to then plummet 80° immediately down into a series of sharp bends and banks at breakneck speed? That’s the experience … Continued

Perks of Staying at an Airbnb On Long-Term Trips

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Long-term trips happen for both business and pleasure. Regardless of how much you’ve traveled in the past, preparing and planning for a long-term trip is very different. From determining what it is that you need to pack and budgeting to figuring out your accommodations for that extended period, it’s certainly not a walk in the park to prepare for these types of trips. When it comes to determining where you’re going to stay while you’re on this long-term trip, the first place to pop up in your head is likely a hotel. Though that may be the most common type … Continued

Planning A Student Trip On A Budget

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If you’re a college student looking at taking a trip, it may feel like flying is off the table. This isn’t the case! You can still travel and maintain a budget. Today, ParkDIA is going to go over some of the ways you can save to make your next trip affordable and accessible without having to drive there. The Timing Matters Red-eye flights are difficult flights to make, but that’s also why they’re more affordable than other flights, up to half the price of flights during the daytime. Further, the time of the week when you travel can have a … Continued

Traveling International: What To Expect

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Planning an international trip? There’s a lot of planning involved with traveling out of the country and putting a to-do list together can be stressful. ParkDIA is here to help with this to-do list to make sure your trip gets planned properly, for the before, during, and after. Passport Unless you have some dual citizenship you can take advantage of, if you plan to leave the United States, you need to get a passport. The process of getting a passport is a fairly simple one, but it can take up to a month, so plan well in advance for this … Continued

Ways You Can Save Money on Accommodations While Traveling

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Traveling is something that we’d all love to spend some time doing. Unfortunately, the cost of traveling is often what keeps us from taking the trips of a lifetime. Regardless of where you’re going, the last thing that you want is for the cost of accommodations to make it impossible to travel. That is why the team at ParkDIA has compiled a list of ways that you can save some money while figuring out accommodations for your trip. Let’s dive right in. Share a Room One of the best ways to save some money while traveling is by splitting the … Continued

Disney Trip Guide: Galaxy’s Edge

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In this last installment of our Disney World trip guides, we’re going to explore a new addition coming soon to Disney World and already out at Disneyland. This is the Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge, an addition to Disneyland’s main park and to Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Now that you know where to find it, let’s talk about what it is. Summary Galaxy’s Edge is a glimpse into a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. There are sets built from a number of key locations in Star Wars, but the primary design is focused on a place called … Continued

Best Beaches Across the United States

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Summer is the best time to travel to the beach, something we’re pretty void of out here in landlocked Colorado. The beach is an amazing experience that is wildly different from the mountains, which is why ParkDIA is here today to discuss some of the unique beaches you can visit, each with their own different experiences. Gulf Of Mexico When you think of a beach vacation, the Gulf of Mexico is likely one of the first places to come to mind. White sand beaches, clear blue waters, and great beach cities like Panama. If that’s the experience you’re looking for, … Continued

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