Airport Etiquette 101

Airport Etiquette 101

Let’s face it, traveling can be stressful. From remembering what to pack to making it to your airport gate on time, there are many important things to keep in mind, including airport etiquette.

The Basic Rules of Airport Etiquette

#1: Standing On A Moving Walkway

The moving walkway is a wonderful invention. It allows people the convenience of getting from point A to point B in a quick and efficient manner. Most airports have moving walkways in them to assist passengers as they walk to their gate (which is normally on the other side of the airport). While there’s nothing wrong with standing on the moving walkway at the airport, make sure you know the proper etiquette. It can be frustrating to travelers who are in a hurry when they get stuck behind someone on the moving walkway who is taking up the whole area with their bags, blocking everyone else from walking past them. When you’re late for a flight, this is the last situation you want to be in. If you plan on using the moving walkway and you don’t want to walk on it, make sure you move over to the right side (just like driving) so people can pass you.

#2: Boarding The Plane

While you may not pay close attention to the boarding group on your plane ticket, this information actually plays a prominent role in the efficiency of the airline. Many people tend to ignore their boarding group and hop in line to board the plane as soon as they can, but this can slow down the boarding process and actually delay your flight. The best thing to do is to wait until your boarding group is called before you line up to get on the plane.

#3: Cell Phone Etiquette

While in the waiting area at the airport, make sure you aren’t being rude to your fellow travelers by talking loudly on your cell phone. If you’re sitting within close proximity to other people, do them a favor and speak quietly or move to another area of the airport. Once you board your flight, make sure your cell phone is turned off or on airplane mode. The last thing you want is your phone alarm to go off in the middle of a flight!

#4: Airplane Aisle Dos and Don’ts

When you finally board your flight, try not to hold up the long line behind you by unpacking your belongings in the aisle. Rather, step into your seat row to organize your things before you put your bag in the overhead bin. This will not disrupt the flow of passengers behind you, and you won’t feel as rushed to get your things together.

#5: Be Aware Of Airport Security Concerns

If you haven’t traveled for a few years, you may be surprised to find how strict airport security has become. The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) provides seasonal checklists that travelers can consult to prepare themselves before they arrive at the airport. The free TSA app for smartphones can also come in handy during the security screening process. With this app, you can check to see if there are airport delays and you can also learn what items to pack in your carry-on and checked bags.

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