7 Tips For Your Holiday Travels

7 Tips For Your Holiday Travels

The holidays are a busy time. Everyone is traveling, and that means the airport is going to be packed. At ParkDIA, we know that dealing with hectic airports is a lot, which is why we put together this list to help make your next holiday trip easier. Hopefully, some or all of these tips can help you get through DIA easier so you can get back to enjoying your holiday vacation.

1. Print Tickets In Advance

Lines at DIA are going to be long. Whether it’s going through TSA, dropping off bags at your airline’s counter, or getting to your gate, there is a lot you need to do, and the same goes for everyone else in the airport. Printing your ticket only adds on to that list and keeps you in the lines longer. Printing your tickets in advance gets you into the lines and on your way to your gate faster.

2. Leave Early

Traffic during rush hour is bad because everyone is trying to be in the same space at the same time. The same is true about airports during the holidays. The best way to beat the rush is to get there in advance of it, or by getting there with additional time and accounting for the backups in traffic and longer lines due to so many people heading to the same place. You’ll want to at least double the amount of time you would normally take to get to the airport.

3. Book A Hotel

If you’re worried about driving early in the morning or late at night to make a red-eye or early-morning flight, consider booking a hotel room nearby. These will often offer shuttles to get you to the airport, allowing you to skip the wait of having to park on the curb or in onsite parking. It also gives you a little more time to rest before having to be on your feet getting through the airport.

4. Bring A Charger

Whether you’re going digital with your ticket, you need access to the internet to check your next flight, or you just want to have something for entertainment, your phone will be incredibly useful in the airport. Be sure to pack a charger with a wall adapter so you can keep your battery full while on the go. While you can find chargers in the airport, they are sold for a considerably higher amount than the ones you’d find in stores elsewhere. Save yourself the expense and bring one with you.

5. Pack Snacks

Unlike liquids, food has very few regulations inside the airport. There aren’t many foods that are outright banned by TSA if you’re only flying within the country — only alcohol that’s over 140 proof and live lobsters have a “no” on the TSA website. Several foods have special instructions, like baby food and ice cream, which often boil down to needing to be set separately for TSA to scan, or if they’re more liquid in nature, like hummus or other creamy dips, they need to be under the 3.4 oz limit. Solid foods like cereal, dried fruit, and granola bars though are fine and can be great snacks so you don’t have to pick up food at the airport.

6. Bring Lotion

Airports aren’t the cleanest places. Not because the airport itself is dirty, but because there are so many people there and that makes it a great place for colds and bugs to travel, too. If you’re worried about getting sick, particularly if you’re traveling with kids, it’s a good idea to bring a small bottle of lotion. Depending on your lotion, it can also potentially double as hand sanitizer, though regular types of lotion are a great way to stay calm in the busy airport rush regardless.

7. Reserve Your Parking Space

Airport lines are going to be long, but getting to the airport doesn’t have to be a hassle. Reserving a space at an offsite airport parking location can ensure you have somewhere to park and can get to the airport quickly from the parking lot’s shuttle. Further, it’ll save you the hassle of getting through the DIA parking lots on your return visit so you can get home sooner.

ParkDIA is a secured offsite airport parking option with a shuttle five minutes from DIA. Our 24-hour surveillance system will make sure your vehicle is safe and secure while you’re away visiting family. Contact us today to reserve your parking spot and get back to enjoying your holiday vacation.

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