7 Apps That Will Help You Travel

7 Apps That Will Help You Travel

Traveling can be hectic. You have to manage plane tickets, watch gates, make sure your bag isn’t taken, and so on. There’s a lot to do, and sometimes it feels like you can’t keep up with everything. In this blog, ParkDIA wants to help you simplify the process of traveling with some apps you can download on your phone to help make your next trip even easier.


Airline apps can be a lifesaver for keeping up with gates and making connections. But when you have to switch airlines between flights, or just switch airlines regularly, having to download all of those apps is a lot of space on your phone you don’t need to take up. Instead, grab FlightAware, which tracks all flights across all airlines. Track flights, find your gate, and make your connection with time to spare.

Google Translate

If you’re visiting another country where English isn’t the primary language, you may be in need of a translator. Don’t get stuck with signs — download Google Translate. Download the language you need from Google’s database and point your camera at the sign, and there you go. It may be a little wonky at times, but with a steady hand and a moment to process, you’ll get the idea while you wait for your translator’s help.


There are a number of apps like Calm that work, but Calm is a great app for helping you relax while you travel. You may have a playlist on Spotify or a book on Kindle that works as well, but the idea is to have an app that helps ease your anxiety. There’s plenty you need to worry about, so when you have a moment to unwind or need some help falling asleep on the plane, this app will be here to melt the stress.


Food is something everyone needs, but having good food when you’re not a local can be difficult. You may have a friend or family member in the area who can help, but if you’re on vacation and aren’t familiar with the city, you’ll need some extra help with recommendations. Yelp offers recommendations on local places and will give you a quick overview to find something that works for your family before you get a table for dinner.


Traveling with kids can be difficult. They need to use the restroom more often, they need more breaks, and you want to take your kid somewhere that will be able to accommodate them if they aren’t completely geared toward kids. Winnie is a free app that provides a list of local businesses that accommodate kids, along with reviews on the businesses themselves. It can help you find unique activities to help you keep your family interested in your trip.


If you have a lot of plans, like car rentals, hotel reservations, and flights you need to keep track of, it can start to be overwhelming trying to manage all of that information and keep it in the right order. TripIt will help you organize all of this information and keep your timeline on track and moving forward.


When you need to use the bathroom, they always seem to disappear. When you’re traveling, it’s even harder to find restrooms since you don’t know where you are in town. Download Flush and find all nearby public restrooms so you don’t have to worry about finding the restroom again.

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