6 Reasons Why You Need to Travel With Your Best Friend

6 Reasons Why You Need to Travel With Your Best Friend

Traveling is fun. It doesn’t matter where you go or for how long, having the opportunity to go out and see the world is something that we all want the chance to experience. If you’re someone that loves traveling, be it with your family or your significant other, you need to plan a trip with your best friend!

Not all trips are created equally, and after a few trips, you’ve surely recognized this. There’s something comforting (and sometimes stressful) about traveling with family, something romantic about traveling with your significant other, and something entirely different when you travel with your best friend. If you have yet to book a trip with your bestie, it’s time to prioritize your adventures this year!

Today we are going to touch on a few of the reasons that everyone should book a trip with their best friend, and the sooner, the better!

Planning is More Fun

The planning process of a trip has its ups and downs, but when you’re planning a trip with your best friend, the trip becomes so much more fun to plan. Together you start to browse the different places that you have the option of staying at, the types of adventures that you want to enjoy while you’re traveling, any sites that you would like to see or experiences that you want to schedule, and so much more.

From the restaurants that you have on your radar to the unique experiences specific to the area that you’ll be traveling, there will be nothing but fun had when you discuss your plans to travel. Start by getting a few books and finding some additional resources, then schedule a night where you can share some drinks and start brainstorming for your big trip.

Get to Know Each Other Even Better

Even in the times where you know someone extremely well, there’s nothing quite like traveling with someone. Regardless of if you were roommates back in college, have known each other since elementary school, or you’ve only been friends for a short while, when you travel with your best friends you are sure to get to know them even better.

From the small spaces that you’ll share while traveling to the stress that travel can bring on for some people, traveling gives you the opportunity to see the sides of people that you might not have otherwise.

You’ll Be More Comfortable

When you get the chance to travel you can find yourself in some uncomfortable situations. Whether it is experiencing something for the first time, confronting a fear, or simply being a little bit off edge when in a new place, it’s common to feel way. When you get the chance to travel with a best friend, there’s a sense of comfort that you get to take with you as you travel.

To really get the most out of your trip, you should try food prepared by locals, visit landmarks that the location is known for, visit museums, schedule experiences, and more! With a best friend by your side, you can get that extra boost of confidence that you need to take chances you might not have otherwise.

Save Some Money

One of the best things about best friends is the fact that there are no boundaries between the two of you. When you’re entirely fine sharing a room with someone, you get the chance to save some money on your travels! Even though traveling with a best friend might cost you some extra money throughout the trip, it’s definitely worth every dollar that you spend. And the extra money that you do get the chance to save in terms of your hotel will at least get put to better use on some fun excursions or tasty meals.

Take Great Pictures

One of the best parts about traveling is the scenery that you get to enjoy. Once you find yourself in front of a beautiful scene and you want someone to take a picture to commemorate it, you always have someone to get the perfect picture! While it certainly isn’t the most important reason that you should be traveling with your close friends, there’s definitely nothing wrong with always having someone to catch the perfect moments of your trip on camera.

Delays Aren’t So Bad

An inevitable part of traveling is the chance of a delay. When the weather gets bad, flights are running late, or you’ve missed your flight, you know that you’re going to be spending some time at the airport with nothing but time to kill. The good news is when you are traveling with a friend you don’t have to worry about this downtime being so painful. You have a close friend there with!

Whether you choose to play some games, grab a quick meal, or sit back and just enjoy each other’s company,  you can guarantee that delays aren’t going to be nearly as boring as they are alone. Even in the worst case scenarios in terms of a travel day, having your bestie by your side is definitely a huge benefit that you get to enjoy.

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