6 More Tips For Your Holiday Travels

6 More Tips For Your Holiday Travels

As the holidays approach, many of you are likely making plans for your winter holidays. Last week we discussed seven things you can do to make your holiday travel easier. ParkDIA has six more tips to help you get through your travel this winter when you fly through DIA in Denver.

1. Be Prepared To Nap

If you’re going to be flying for a while, or if you have a layover, take advantage of the moments when you can sleep. Traveling, particularly during the holidays, is exhausting and it’s better to take a nap on the plane than fall asleep at your next gate and miss a boarding call. When you get a chance to take a nap, even if you aren’t drowsy yet, go ahead and nap so you’ll be awake for your next gate change.

2. Keep An Eye On The Gates

With many flights coming in and out of the airport, it’s likely that something will go wrong at the airport. Sometimes planes come in late or they may need maintenance, your boarding could be delayed, or flights may be canceled. When these things happen, it likely means you will have a gate change, and with how busy the airport is, you may not hear them announce the gate change. Always keep an eye on the flight boards until you see your flight number at your gate, and even then, keep an eye on the boards just in case of last-minute delays or changes.

3. Grab An Airline App

The great thing about technology is that it can make flight boards accessible for your airport and airport at which you’ll be arriving. If you have a layover, a great way to be prepared for your next flight is to download an airline’s app, which will provide you with the gate from which your flight is supposed to leave. Most of these apps will also link you to a map of the airport, which means you can see how far you have to go to get to your next gate. Keep in mind that these apps can take a few extra minutes to update from the airport, so keep an eye on flight boards when you land.

4. Baggage Claim

Baggage claim can be a hassle, particularly if you’re bringing several carry-ons of presents for the holidays. The good news is that airports will get their baggage claim terminals updated quickly. The bad news is that that doesn’t make airports any less hectic, nor will it reduce the likelihood of bags being lost. If you lose a bag, find the baggage claim office for your airline, or the airline you checked your bag with, and provide them with a mailing address. Lost bags can usually be found quickly in the airline’s database from their scan codes, and typically will get to the right city within a day or two. Have a good address available and the airport will bring your bag to wherever you’re staying.

5. Bring Something To Do

Whether it’s a long wait at the gate or a long flight to your destination, sitting for hours is taxing. If you’ve already taken a nap, then you’ll need something to do to avoid falling asleep again, or to keep younger family members entertained while they have to wait. Books, card games, and small electronics are great ways to keep yourself awake and engaged without taking up a lot of space in your bag.

6. Reserve Your Parking Spot

We can’t understate the benefits of reserving a spot at an offsite airport parking lot. Parking lots like ours at ParkDIA are close to the airport, and they’ll keep your car secure and safe during the winter weather. Searching for a parking space in DIA’s onsite airport parking lots can take hours, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even find a spot with all of the extra holiday traffic. Don’t risk missing your flight — reserve a parking space at ParkDIA.

If you’re looking for a secure offsite airport parking lot, then choose ParkDIA. Our 24-hour surveillance-monitored parking lots will make sure your vehicle stays safe while you’re away, and, with a covered space, protected from the elements. Reserve your parking spot with ParkDIA today and get back to enjoying your holiday season.

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