5 Tips For Planning A Family Vacation

5 Tips For Planning A Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be difficult. You need to find something to fit everyone, and accommodate younger family members. It needs to be affordable so everyone can travel without breaking the bank, but you don’t want to go to the same place everyone is going and stand in lines all day. ParkDIA is here to help you spend more time on your trip than the planning, which is why we have five family vacation planning tips you should consider before picking your final destination.

Resort Connections

Resorts charge extra because they provide a number of services, chiefly connecting all of the local activities together. Disney parks have additional shops and restaurants where you can meet Disney characters outside of the parks, as well as monorails and meal vouchers to connect the parks. Beach resorts will book and reserve tours and activities through the resort. If you want to get a more affordable and custom experience, then book a room at a local hotel instead and book your activities yourself. 

Neighboring Parks

If you’re planning to visit any national parks on your trip, then make sure you look at all of the local ones before reserving a cabin or camping spot. A lot of major parks, like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, have neighboring smaller parks that are within a half-hour of the main event and won’t book up as quickly. For instance, the Grand Teton’s National Park is a half-hour from Yellowstone, but you can reserve a camping space there within the week of your visit, where Yellowstone needs reservations for camping spaces months out, and sometimes years out for cabins.


Every vacation destination has an off-season. Sometimes it’s because of the weather, other times it’s because of school or a lack of holidays. If you want to avoid the crowds and spend more time enjoying your vacation destination for yourself, then consider planning your vacation to somewhere in the off-season. Theme parks have off-seasons in winter, beaches have off-seasons in autumn.


Kids often want to see wildlife when their camping, but you may not have to travel very far to find unique wildlife. Yes, you can visit a zoo, but for a more immersive experience, you can find a wildlife preserve or animal sanctuary that gives tours without needing to camp with the wild animals. These can have the wilderness appeal of camping without needing to see a bear outside your tent.

Off The Beaten Path

It’s easy to get into planning a trip and pick the top results. However, taking a detour to visit the children’s museum in the next town over or try the attraction in a town in the middle of nowhere can make the difference in the kind of vacation you ultimately experience. There are all kinds of unheard of attractions that will make better memories than going to the same three places every summer.

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