5 Things You Should Always Pack

5 Things You Should Always Pack

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or new to flying, there are some things you’ll need on every trip. We don’t mean the obvious things like plane tickets and suitcases, but the little things that will make your life easier while you’re away from home. ParkDIA helps people fly easier knowing their vehicles are safe while they’re away, and today we want to make your trip easier by making sure you’re packed and ready for your next vacation. Below is a list of five things you should make sure you pack.

Charger With A Wall Adapter

With as much information you’ll keep on your phone, keeping it charged is important. Many airports are adding USB ports at waiting areas, but that doesn’t mean all of them have this feature yet. Make sure you pack your charger so you don’t have to buy a new one, but also make sure you have an appropriate adapter so you can actually charge it at an open outlet.


If you have long hair, then you know that keeping it dry is important, particularly if you’re heading out during cold weather. Hotels often provide hairdryers, but their effectiveness can vary and you don’t want to go outside with wet hair. Pack your own hairdryer to make sure you never have to go out without your roots being dry.


How else are you going to do the sudokus and crosswords in airline magazines? Pens are great for more than puzzle-solving, though. If you need to write down directions, pay with a check, or need it to make a waiting game like a Bingo board, then you’ll need a pen on hand. While we do have note-taking apps on our phones, sometimes it’s better to have a pen and paper to write down notes instead of pulling your phone out.


While hotels do provide towels, they aren’t always very high quality. Typically they’re small so the hotel can have a lot of them in rotation, and that’s not always comfortable or effective for taller individuals. Bringing your own towel won’t take up much more space in your bag and will avoid being left half-dry after a shower at your hotel.


Weather can be unpredictable, and even if you think it’s going to be sunny all day, the weather could turn on you. It’s always a good idea to pack a light waterproof jacket in case of rain or a cold snap. Jackets are typically easier to pack than umbrellas, and they can double as blankets if the plane is just a bit chillier than you’d like.

No matter what trip you’re going on, you’ll have to decide where you’re going to park your vehicle. For monitored offsite airport parking near DIA, choose ParkDIA. Our covered and uncovered lots are monitored all day, every day, and will make sure your car stays safe and secure while you’re gone. Spend more time on your trip and less worrying about what you’ll come back to. Reserve your parking spot today.

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