5 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

5 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

Have you been thinking about taking a getaway trip just for you? You should! While traveling solo might sound a little daunting at first, ParkDIA wants to give you five reasons today about why you should move forward with those travel plans.

Plenty of Time To Yourself

Whether you live with family, friends, partners, or whomever, sometimes it’s nice to get away from people and take some “me time.” And there’s nothing wrong with that. Time alone lets you rest and recuperate alone and gives you time to think about one person; yourself. Alone time lets you focus on what you want to do with your life, and in the instance of traveling alone, where you want to go and visit.  

See More In Less Time

Taking a trip on your own usually warrants a shorter time away, like over a weekend. But whether you take the week or the weekend, the fact still remains; travel alone and see more. When you travel with others, you have to stay in a group. Sometimes you have to slow down so everyone can keep up or so you aren’t in the way. Other times someone wants to look at something longer, and by staying in a group, the whole group slows down.

But when you travel alone, you set the entire pace of the trip. Visit a museum and see something inspiring? Take as long as you want on every exhibit. Pass a statue your dad would stare at for hours? Take a picture and keep going. It’s your trip. And a party of one will always travel faster than a party of one plus.

Save Money On Everything

When your family goes out, you’re going to spend a fortune on everything. Hotels, restaurants, plane tickets, rental cars or taxis, and most definitely on any souvenirs. But cut down the number of members, and you start to save money quickly. It’s just you after all. You only need one bed, so a single bed hotel room will be easy to find and cheap to stay in. Party of one at every restaurant you visit, not to mention quick seating arrangements. Sure, you could rent a car, or depending on the city you’re visiting, you could also rent a bike or take the local transport system like the bus or subway for fairly cheap and see more of the city. And now the only souvenir shopping is yours.

No Debates About the Wheres & Whens

Families are great, but even when they aren’t traveling, you’re bound to have had the “The Restaurant Conversation” where no one can agree on where they want to go out to eat. It’s already frustrating at home, it’s even longer when you don’t know the area you’re visiting. But when you travel alone, there’s no debate. It’s your choice. Not just on restaurants, but on everything. The attractions you visit, the stores you shop in, the places you see and go to, everything is up to you.

And that’s not limited to the places in the city, but also the city itself. Always wanted to go practice your French in Paris but your family isn’t interested? Well, they aren’t coming on this trip. Want to visit Seattle and try out some indie coffee scenes but your friends are more of tea drinkers? They aren’t on this trip. It’s your trip and it’s all your choice.

Long Enough To Matter, Short Enough To Count

If you’re still feeling a little guilty about taking off for a short-term weekend getaway, then you shouldn’t. Leaving Friday afternoon and getting home Sunday night gives you about a day and a half of alone time, which isn’t terribly long. It’s long enough to get the relief of having space and the fun of seeing something new and unique, but you’ll be home to your friends and family in two days. If you wake up homesick on Saturday after getting to your destination, then all you need to remind yourself is that tomorrow you’ll be home.

Wherever your trip takes you, don’t worry about where your car will be while you’re gone. ParkDIA has a secured facility with a shuttle 5 minutes away from DIA. You’ll have your car ready to take you home when you get back to be with your family again. Make your reservation today and enjoy your solo trip.

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