21 Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

21 Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Family travel blogs

Family travel is rewarding for parents and children, but it’s not always a walk in the park. If you need some tips, tricks, destination ideas, or just a little inspiration for your next family getaway, check out these great family travel blogs!

Travel Babbo

Eric Stoen caught the travel bug while studying abroad in college. Now he chronicles the global adventures of his family, and he’s been featured on sites including CNN, Forbes, and Lonely Planet.

The blog is chock-full of useful information about cruising, booking hotels,  picking destinations, and much more. You can even read about his annual one-on-one trips with each kiddo, where they get to choose the destination for themselves and Babbo (Italian for “Daddy,” but only in Tuscany).

Sample post: Our Ten Rules of Family Travel

Travel with Bender

The Bender family of four is constantly on the go, only traveling back to their Perth origin for holidays and family celebrations. On Travel with Bender, they share travel hacks, review products, and talk about food. Lots and lots of food.

Josh Bender, the self-proclaimed “brains behind the operation,” features his photography on the site as well.

Sample post: FAQ: What About School?

The Barefoot Nomad

The Barefoot Nomad family has traveled to over 40 countries to date and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. The Canadian family of four has been blogging since 2009, so their site is full of great information. You’ll find tips on planning trips, budgeting advice, and selecting travel tech.

Sample post: The Best Work Spaces While You Travel

yTravel Blog

Caz and Craig Makepeace are the voices behind yTravel. For Caz, Craig, and their two daughters, traveling is all about collecting memories, not possessions.

They love to unplug and view traveling as an escape from the chaos of everyday life. The couple writes to help inspire other families to do the same… or at least enjoy a long weekend getaway here and there. Much of their content is about family travel, but they offer advice for couple and solo travel as well.

Sample post: How Do You Keep Kids’ Social Skills Up While Traveling?

Healthy Kids Travel

The name says it all! Brit Sooby began her travels while working in show business as a stunt performer and personal trainer. When she became a mother, she wanted to pass on to her kids the healthy travel habits she learned during her career.

While there aren’t a ton of posts on Brit’s blog, there is a lot of high-quality advice from someone who’s spent a lot of time honing her healthy travel skills.

Sample post: How to Plan for a Healthy Journey

Let’s Go Mum

Single mother Barbara is passionate about sharing her joy of traveling with her two daughters. Whenever they can, the family of three takes off with fervor to their next exciting destination.

Barbara reviews everywhere they go, educating her readers on the best family-friendly locations and attractions around the globe.

Sample post: Cruise Review – A Single Parent’s Guide to Cruising!

Suitcases and Sippy Cups

Jessica and her family live in a middle-class American suburb, cruise around in a mini-van, and bounce back and forth between little league practices. They even call themselves “average.”  But unlike many families, they let the world be their classroom for their four boys.

At Suitcases and Sippy Cups, you’ll find plenty of stories about their family’s (frugal) journeys across the United States and the world. The best part? They keep it real, sharing both the joyous and the downright tiresome aspects of traveling with kids.

Sample post: If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It (from 2011, but still a good read)

Walking on Travels

If traveling post-baby scares the you-know-what out of you, be sure to check out Walking on Travels. The blog’s ringleader and mom of two, Keryn, shares stories that she hopes will inspire families reluctant to travel with their kids to get up and go.

You’ll find little nuggets of wisdom in every corner of the site – including a downloadable cheat sheet dedicated to the travel disrupter that bloggers with little ones tend to ignore… jet lag.

Sample post: Potty Training on the Road

Family Travel Magazine

Jodi Grundig has been a traveler her whole life and has sparked the same passion in her now tween children. The topics she writes about run the gamut: travel tips, family travel deals, and perspectives on some of the most popular family destinations in the world (think Disney).

She reviews family-friendly hotels, making Family Travel Magazine a bookmark must.

Sample post: Best All Inclusive Family Resorts

Travels With Baby

This blog by Shelly Rivoli specializes in tips for folks traveling with children aged 0 to 5 years.

Rivoli shares expert advice on finding the best baby gear, traveling with young kids, and the best places for families to go. Her authoritative tips, opinions, and reviews have won Travels With Baby several accolades over the years. She has been quoted in publications including Redbook, Real Simple, and The Boston Globe.

Sample post: Planning Tips for Travel with a Child 4 to 5 Years


Eileen Gunn and her husband Rich own and operate the FamiliesGo! blog. Their mission is to provide parents with original, high-quality advice and information regarding family travel.

Based in Brooklyn, the couple and their 9-year-old daughter travel the world and chronicle their adventures on the blog. Along with travel tips and tricks, you’ll also find countless ideas for fun and exciting destinations.

Eileen, a journalist by trade, has been quoted in several prestigious publications including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and ABCNews.com.

Sample post: 10 Hacks To Give Moms a Better Vacation

Family Adventure Project

The Family Adventure Project is all about family bonding through travel. Stuart, Kristie, and their three children have been around the world and back, forging stronger bonds on each trip.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of ideas for your next adventure: where to go, what to do, and how to plan it.

Sample post: Create Your Own Outdoor Classroom Day & Learn Outside

Global Mouse Travels

If Europe is on your bucket list, Global Mouse Travels is a must-read, as are their family-friendly itineraries to help you plan your next trip overseas.

Even if European destinations aren’t on your list, you’ll still find a ton of travel inspiration and tips on the blog.

Sample post: 5 Travel Essentials for Under 10s Hand Luggage

Five Adventurers

Nisbah and Doc are lifelong learners with the ultimate goal of making the world a classroom for their three children. They’re based in the UK but are true globetrotters, always seeking out their next adventure.

The family loves spending time outdoors, so they’ve devoted an entire section of their blog to camping and glamping. With deep-rooted pride in their heritage, they also make sure to highlight Islamic travel on their site.

Sample post: Why Go Camping with Children

Suitcases and Sand Castles

Claire Thomson and her two kids travel around the UK and Europe. Her articles include city guides, travel tips, and tons of documentation about their journeys as a family.

If you’re looking for tips for a European getaway with children, she has some great detailed articles on how to navigate and plan a trip.

Sample post: How to Pack Like a Celebrity

Actually Mummy

What started out as a diary for 10-year old GG, Actually Mummy is a family-centric blog that includes viewpoints from the kids as well as mom and dad, not just about travel, but about life.

You’ll find parenting tips, travel tips (for families and the rare couple getaway), recipes, and more.

Sample post: Why Cheesy Holidays are Good for the Soul

Exploramum and Explorason

This unstoppable mother-son duo is obsessed with traveling… and random acts of kindness. Their whirlwind adventure began in 2012 when they sold their home, vehicle, and most of their possessions to take on a life of travel and giving.

You’ll find travel tips and tricks for your next family getaway served with a generous side of inspiration.

Sample post: What’s the Craze with Virgin Australia Airlines?

Girl Gone Travel

Carol Cain, the publisher of Girl Gone Travel, left a job in public relations to enjoy life with her husband and three children. Their home base is in New York, so they have a corner of their blog dedicated to NY and the surrounding areas. Awesome for families looking to explore the city!

Besides her writing on family travel, she shares where she’s found amazing food, wine, and girlfriend getaways, making her blog a must-read before virtually any trip.

Sample post: How Blogging Has Motivated Me to Keep My Young Kids Off of Social Media

Family Travel Blog

The Family Travel Association was founded by Rainer Jenss, whose love of traveling reignited after having kids.

The blog is a curation of articles that include ideas for family-friendly excursions and travel advice. With so much information on offer, the Family Travel Blog is essential reading before you hit the air, road, or rails.

Sample post: Flying with Kids: The Good, the Bad, the Body Fluids

Wandering Wagars

Kevin and Christina Wagar and their two boys travel any chance that they get. Their impressive travel resume spans locations all over the globe. Their youngest child has been to 10 countries, and he’s only three!

Wandering Wagars showcases their travels, product reviews, tips and tricks, and hotel reviews. Not only is it packed with useful information, but the accompanying photography is amazing to boot.

Sample post: 10 Tips for Making Travel Fun for Kids

Stuffed Suitcase

Seattle-native Kimberly loves all things travel — including the planning stage. As a family, Kimberly, her husband, and their two daughters have explored Canada, the United States, England, and more. When they’re not traveling, they’re “back to reality.” They write about that, too.

Stuffed Suitcase shares all the basics you need to know for family travel: how to pack, where to go, and what to do when you get there.

Sample post: 5 Steps to Teach Your Kids How to Pack

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