Disney Trip Guide: Magic Kingdom

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As a continuation of our blog on a Disney trip, we wanted to talk about some of the individual parks at the Disney parks. After all, daily passes to the parks can be expensive, so you want to know where you want to visit before committing to a Park-Hopper pass. We’re going to start this tour with the Magic Kingdom, the oldest and most central park at Disney World, and then work our way through the rest of these parks over the following days. Overview If there’s any Disney park you’ve seen or heard of, it’s likely the Magic Kingdom. … Continued

Planning A Disney Trip

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The summer is here and that makes it the best time for a trip to the land of Walt Disney and his imagination. Whether you’re planning on visiting Disneyland, Disneyworld, or to hop on one of the international Disney cruises, there are a few things you need to remember before diving into the House of Mouse and all of the adventures inside. ParkDIA wants to help you make your trip something memorable, which is why we’re diving into this theme park themed checklist. Be Sure To Pack True, there’s a lot to be packed already when you plan any trip. … Continued

5 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

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Have you been thinking about taking a getaway trip just for you? You should! While traveling solo might sound a little daunting at first, ParkDIA wants to give you five reasons today about why you should move forward with those travel plans. Plenty of Time To Yourself Whether you live with family, friends, partners, or whomever, sometimes it’s nice to get away from people and take some “me time.” And there’s nothing wrong with that. Time alone lets you rest and recuperate alone and gives you time to think about one person; yourself. Alone time lets you focus on what … Continued

Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking For an Airport Parking Service

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With more and more off-site airport parking services like ParkDIA opening up, it can feel like there are too many choices when trying to pick a place to leave your car while you’re away. Here are some of the biggest questions you should be asking when looking into airport parking services when you’re making your travel plans. How Much Does It Cost? One of the big reasons travelers choose offsite airport parking is to cut down on the cost of leaving your vehicle in a lot. With onsite parking going up, it’s important that the offsite parking service you choose … Continued

On-Site Airport Parking Rates Are Rising

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It seems like airport parking prices get more expensive every day, which adds more you have to worry about when you make your travel plans. There are a lot of reasons prices increase, so here are just a few of those reasons and what you can do to avoid extra costs when going to the airport and making your travel plans. Airports Are Expanding As airports expand, they are able to build out more terminals and luxuries for the travelers coming through their gates. And while it’s nice to have more options for flights out of DIA and more restaurants … Continued

5 Airport Parking Options – What’s Best For You?

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We know that parking is a huge concern for soon to be flyers out of Denver. If you live outside of the city, you may not have the option to have someone drop you off at departures. So when it comes to having to plan for airport parking on your next trip, here are some options to consider so you can worry less about your travel plans: 1. Take A Shuttle From Your Hotel Or Local Airport Most hotel chains and smaller local airports will offer shuttle services to major airports, like DIA. Hotels will offer this service as part … Continued