First Time Flyer? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Flying on an airplane for the first time can be both exciting and scary. As you look forward to your maiden flight, you probably have a few questions about airplane etiquette and what to expect at the airport. In this article, we’re going to look at some first time flyer tips, so you can be well prepared for your upcoming flight. Traveling With The Correct Documents The first thing you’ll want to remember to bring with you to the airport is the correct documents that will get you through the airport security gate. If you don’t have these items, you … Continued

Do I Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal?

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If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, you may qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA). An ESA’s main job is to provide you with companionship, comfort, and security, and these animals often come in the form of a dog or cat. If you’re wondering whether or not you qualify for an ESA, continue reading to learn more! What Disabilities Qualify For An ESA? If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what disabilities qualify someone to have an ESA. Some of the most common disabilities include: Depression According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is a common … Continued

Denver Airport Information You Should Know

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The Denver International Airport (DIA) is the 20th-busiest airport in the world, and the fifth busiest airport in the United States. DIA strives to be America’s favorite connecting hub where air travelers will experience a more pleasant and reliable airport experience. If you’re flying out of DIA, you may have questions regarding things like baggage claim, baggage drop, and bringing a pet with you on your travels. Let’s take a look at some important DIA information you should know before you take off for your trip. DIA Baggage Claim The baggage claim area at the Denver International Airport is located … Continued

What Are Emotional Support Animals?

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Traveling through the Denver International Airport, you may come across people traveling with their emotional support animal (ESA), but what exactly is that? An emotional support animal’s primary job is to provide companionship, comfort, and security to its owner during times of stress. They can also be companions to people who suffer from mental and emotional disabilities. It’s important to note that ESAs are not considered to be service animals, so they do not require specific training. You may be wondering, what kind of animals can qualify as an emotional support animal. Let’s take a look below. Dogs Dogs are … Continued