Stay Safe With These Winter Car Tips

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As the snow starts to fall and the roads start to ice over, you may be looking for ways to stay safe while driving this winter. For most drivers, this means warming up their car for 10 minutes before going to work, or taking the scenic route to avoid heavy highway traffic. In this article, we’re going to discuss what you can do to your car to stay safe and warm this winter. Make Sure Your Car’s Lights Are Working Properly One of the biggest winter hazards is driving after the sun sets. Since the sun sets earlier during the … Continued

The Top Gifts To Give The Traveler In Your Life

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With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably browsing the internet for the best gifts to give to your friends and loved ones this year. While your mother might enjoy a new crockpot and your father a new toolbox, what do you give the avid-traveler in your life? These are the people that value experiences above all else, so getting them a gift that will enhance their travels and make things easier is a great route to go. Let’s take a look at some of the top gifts to give the traveler in your life this year. A New Travel … Continued

Avoid Catching The Airplane Cold With These Tricks

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Traveling can take a major toll on your body. Whether you’re traveling across the country for a luxurious all-inclusive vacation or you’re traveling a few states away to visit a distant relative, making the trek may lead you to catching what is known as the “airplane cold.” There have been various studies on this phenomenon, including research from The Wall Street Journal and the The Journal of Environmental Health Research. The Wall Street Journal found that traveling by airplane can increase the odds of catching a cold by up to 20 percent. The Journal of Environmental Health Research conducted a … Continued