10 Things to Bring on Every Flight

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After the excitement of booking a trip wears off comes the hard part: packing. And while deciding what to take on your Hawaiian getaway or Appalachian trail hike is probably top of mind, prepping for the actual flight is just as important. This carry-on packing list will get you well on your way to a stress-free flight. 1. Entertainment Unless you’re flying on one of these airlines that offer top-notch in-flight entertainment, you’ll want to prepare in advance. If you’re a reader, carry a book or an e-reader. If you love movies, use your flight as an opportunity to watch … Continued

5 Free Airport Security Apps to Get You Through the Line Faster

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Have you ever walked up to the security line at the airport and thought to yourself, “I really wish I had left earlier!” Or worse yet, have you missed your flight because of a long line? It happens to the best of us. More than 70,000 American passengers missed a flight in 2016 because of excessive wait times. So, should you just have to accept long lines at security as a cruel fact of life? Absolutely not! There’s an app for that. A few, actually. Check out these five apps that can help dodge the lines and get to your … Continued

How to Survive Holiday Air Travel

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It’s no secret that holiday air travel can be tough. Between the long lines, traffic, and constant fear of flight delays, your holiday cheer can turn into “bah humbug” on a dime. Here’s some advice on how to survive your holiday trip. Planning Book in advance Traveling during the holidays is stressful enough, so don’t wait until the last minute to book flights. Timing your ticket buys isn’t an exact science, but on average, you’ll have the best luck booking about 54 days out. If you missed the “prime booking window” for your travel dates, use a tool like Google … Continued

Bleisure Travel: 7 Great Reasons to Mix Business and Leisure

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Bleisure: It’s part business, part leisure, and one of today’s hottest travel trends. Penciling in “leisure time” on your business trip itinerary might seem like an odd concept, but travelers are beginning to realize the benefits of doing just that. Here are some reasons to switch up your business travel routine to mix work and play.   You’ll have something to look forward to The highlight of your trip doesn’t have to be the dessert menu at a client dinner. Once you’ve made the decision to extend your stay, you can look forward to that hike you’re taking in the … Continued

21 Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

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Family travel is rewarding for parents and children, but it’s not always a walk in the park. If you need some tips, tricks, destination ideas, or just a little inspiration for your next family getaway, check out these great family travel blogs! Travel Babbo Eric Stoen caught the travel bug while studying abroad in college. Now he chronicles the global adventures of his family, and he’s been featured on sites including CNN, Forbes, and Lonely Planet. The blog is chock-full of useful information about cruising, booking hotels,  picking destinations, and much more. You can even read about his annual one-on-one … Continued

Have PTO You Need to Use? 5 Places to Travel This Fall

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Chances are your next paid day off isn’t until Thanksgiving. But, with school back in session, holiday ads infiltrating your Hulu stream, and the leaves changing color, wouldn’t it be nice to get away now, before the end-of-year craziness sets in? If you have some leftover PTO you need to use, take a quick vacation for a little “me” (or “us”) time! Here are some of our fall favorites. New York City, New York There’s never a shortage of things to do in New York City, and fall is a great time to visit and partake in some of the … Continued

The Best Times to Buy Airline Tickets, Book Hotels, and More

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Traveling is fun. It makes you a better person and a happier person. It’s even good for your health! Paying too much for travel does none of these things. It’s frustrating and stressful. Plus, every dollar you spend on things like flights and hotels is one fewer dollar you have for experiences! When it comes to saving money on travel, a little attention to timing can go a long way. Here are the best times to buy airline tickets, book hotels, and more. The best time to buy airline tickets There are a lot of theories out there, but the … Continued

10 Surprising Things You Can and Can’t Take in Your Carry-On

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As a regular traveler, you always make sure all of the liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your carry-on follow the 3-1-1 rule (you’re allowed to take liquids in 3.4-oz or smaller containers as long as they fit into 1 clear plastic bag that holds no more than 1 quart). You dutifully pour out your water bottle and chug your coffee before putting your luggage on the conveyor belt. And you always remember to leave your Swiss Army Knife keychain at home. But what about when you’re making a special trip, say, to Alaska for some backcountry hiking or … Continued

Affordable Last-Minute Labor Day Flights from Denver

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Did you wait this long to plan your Labor Day getaway? No problem! You can still get some great deals (or at least reasonable ones) on flights out of Denver this weekend. Here are 7 flights we found using KAYAK Explore, leaving Friday, Sept. 1, and returning Monday, Sept. 4. Keep in mind that prices change quickly, so if you like any of these, don’t wait! Los Angeles ($169) Head to LA for the county fair, numerous street festivals, or just a day at the beach. Here are tripsavvy’s Top 17 Labor Day Weekend Events in Greater Los Angeles. Chicago … Continued

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get for Free at Your Hotel

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Don’t worry, this isn’t another list of toiletries. You’re a savvy traveler — you already know that most hotels will provide you with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, a comb, and even shaving cream and a razor. And it’s not another list of things you wouldn’t want anyway (do you really want to keep your keycard?). Here are 7 things that you might think you have to pay for when you travel, but you can probably get for free at your hotel. Room upgrades Just because you booked the cheapest room available doesn’t mean you have to stay … Continued

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